After releasing some top-quality tracks throughout 2020, Dutchavelli liberates his debut project Dutch From The 5th, which sees 16 new cuts from the UK star and a few assists from Fire, Ray BLK, and M1llionz, the last of who appeared on the previously released single “Cool With Me.” In addition to the new mixtape, Dutchavelli also drops off a new video for “Zero Zero,” which is produced by The FaNaTiX and sees the emcee focused on getting to the money:

“I sold white ‘cause I never had options, just profit, no losses, why would I sign for less than a mill’? I had to trap and break down these boxes, count up the Ps in twenty-bag parcels, that five of them sent down Oxford/

I don’t speak with nothin’ but hustlers, I don’t meet with nothin’ but bosses, bro’s kway far away in the trap, with a two-tone fade, just busted, how many time did I take that risk? Last time I went to jail, coulda lost it/”

The aforementioned clip comes courtesy of Snatchy and keeps with Dutchavelli hard-hitting street themes, albeit from a more old-school perspective. Dutch can be seen meeting with fellow bosses, conversing from classic block cell phones, handling artillery from a balcony reminiscent of the classic film Scarface, and beating a potential arrest thanks to a youth not identifying him in a lineup.

Prior to Dutch From The 5th, Dutchavelli was letting loose with fiery tracks like “If Only You Knew,” “Surely,” “Black,” and the viral “Bando Diaries,” the last of which also spawned an international remix with Australia’s ONEFOUR, France’s Kekra, Albania’s Noizy, and India’s DIVINE. Despite being the brother of the more established star Stefflon Don, Dutchavelli has quickly developed a massive popularity in his own right.

Press play on Dutch From The 5th and the video for “Zero Zero” below.