While many music enthusiasts are seduced by the lyrics and flows provided by artists, it’s imperative to recognize the pioneers responsible for making listeners fall in love with the rhythm.

When fans hear a song lead with “Metro Boomin want some more” or “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you,” they know it is going to be an instant classic. Given that the Georgia-based producer has effortlessly provided electrifying and hypnotizing beats to the music industry for years, there is no need to question if the sound following the tag will be straight fire or not – it’s practically a guarantee.

With more Billboard charting hits and RIAA certifications than one can count, Metro Boomin has cemented his status as one of the best Hip Hop producers of the current era. Regardless of whether your ears are seeking trap records to liven up any function or laid-back melodies that put you in a relaxed state of mind, Metro has you covered.

Below is a list of some of the best bass-thumping, 808-beat having, unforgettable records produced by Metro Boomin.

1. Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 by Kanye West

Who knew sampling a gospel song for a Hip Hop record could sound so good? As one of the illest intros in Metro’s discography, the 30-second prelude featured an assortment of sounds, including heavy basslines and electronic synths.

But the most riveting part of it all came after the infamous tag, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.” The beat dropped and an unstoppable wave of energy was released. During an interview with ProducerGrind, Metro revealed that he initially sent the beat over without even adding his tag – but Ye insisted that he include it.

2. Like That by Future featuring Kendrick Lamar

Metro Boomin’s first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 was “Like That.” Without wasting any time, the track kickstarted with a beat so gritty it was nearly impossible not to bob your head to it. As if the pulse wasn’t reason enough to adore the song, it also featured two of Hip Hop’s most authentic and heavy-hitting artists, Future and Kendrick Lamar. With this duo, listeners got the best of both worlds, as Future maintained his laid-back persona while Lamar was full of energy and aggressive bars.

3. Bad and Boujee by Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert

When it comes to Migos, creating anthems is second nature. All they have to do is pair their infectious energy with catchy ad-libs and memorable hooks, and they’ve got a hit. That was the recipe for “Bad and Boujee.” Metro made sure to incorporate the trap-type beat that the group is known for. Released in 2016, it took the record less than a year to reach quadruple Platinum status, selling over 4 million units.

4. Too Many Nights by Future featuring Don Toliver

Metro Boomin employed an assortment of instruments to make “Too Many Nights” such a standout record. He pulled out all the stops for the electrifying song and ensured that fans would be rocking out into the new year. Don Toliver and Future were the perfect duo, as their distinctive vocals complemented each other and elevated the track.

5. Space Cadet by Gunna

Metro showed off his diverse skill set with the futuristic sound of “Space Cadet.” With a dreamy melody, it was effortless for Gunna to take control and spill lyrics that listeners found joy in reciting. Years after its release, social media users fell in love with its hypnotizing beat again and frequently used the song to accompany their videos on apps like TikTok and Instagram. The mesmerizing track went quadruple platinum in 2023.

6. Superhero by Future

The beginning of “Superhero” ominously built anticipation for listeners with a gloomy sound, filled with rainfall and opera singing. This led into a bass-thumping, drum-filled beat on which Future switched up his flow multiple times and proved that he is multifaceted.

7. TUESDAY by ILOVEMAKONNEN featuring Drake

“TUESDAY” refuted the idea that partying only takes place on the weekends. Metro provided a mellow and lowkey rhythm that still played into club culture, which resulted in an unmistakable vibe. It allowed fans to resonate with the lyrics about being carefree and simply enjoying the moment.

8. Wicked by Future

“Wicked” was released in 2016 and lasted a staggering 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The producer provided an ominous yet mesmerizing beat for the Atlanta rapper to rhyme over. This, paired with Future’s ability to create an easily recitable chorus, made the record a timeless hit.

9. Jumpman by Drake featuring Future

On this song featured on their joint album, Drake and Future paid homage to Michael Jordan and his successful brand. Both rappers mentioned the athlete in their lyrics over the fast-paced and atmospheric beat. So impressed by the tempo, Drake even shouted the producer out on the track, saying, “Jumpman, Jumpman, Metro Boomin on production.”

10. Banking On Me by Gunna

For this record, Metro provided Gunna with a smooth, chill beat, which was unlike many of his signature productions. Nonetheless, it was the perfect fit for the love-themed song in which the Georgia native rhymed about never getting tired of his lady and craving her time.

11. Mask Off by Future

“Mask Off” spent 31 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after its release in 2017. Metro Boomin’s use of flute sounds over the trap beat helped the record stick out amongst Future’s other drops. Of course, the rapper aided in the track’s success, as his catchy hook grasped the audience's attention, resulting in a cultural mainstay.

12. Low Life by Future featuring The Weeknd

The famed hitmaker is mainly known for his use of upbeat drum patterns, but “Low Life” was an exception that greatly paid off. The song featured a more haunting melody that allowed Future and The Weeknd’s dark lyrics about indulging in explicit activities to captivate listeners. Released in 2016, “Low Life” has gone platinum a whopping eight times.

13. Ric Flair Drip by Offset

Offset used the producer’s energetic and intense percussion to shine light on the former professional wrestler Ric Flair. Using Ric’s signature phrase “Woo” as an ad-lib, the former Migos member rapped about the luxuries he’s been able to experience due to his vast success. The hook was exceedingly memorable because of how the beat’s pace increased and the drums intensified.