Judge Greg Mathis has had enough of the media frenzy caused by comedians calling each other to task in the wake of two explosive “Club Shay Shay” podcast episodes. On Friday (Feb. 9), he recorded a video admonishing entertainers for hitting below the belt on public platforms instead of dealing with matters in private.

“Stop going after each other in public like this. You’re embarrassing yourselves, [and] you’re embarrassing our community. I know many times you have to defend yourself about what’s being said, but why can’t we do it directly? And I just want you to know, I believe that we’re being laughed at by all the major studios and by their executives seeing us in public, Black folks, going at each other,” said the television court show host.

The latest guest to appear on NFL great Shannon Sharpe’s hit show was Mo’Nique. The Academy Award winner forewarned that she was bringing “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” during her sit-down. When the episode premiered on Feb. 7, audiences witnessed the actress again address her grievances with Tyler Perry.

She also revisited her fallout with comedy peer D.L. Hughley. The former BET “ComicView” host addressed some of her remarks in a video where he called her a liar and implied that she has fake love for her “sweet baby,” “Sista” or “Brotha,” all terms she often uses to refer to fans and those she is speaking of, whether in a favorable or non-favorable manner.

“You don’t see this among other communities, and that’s why I say you’re hurting yourselves, and you’re hurting our community, and you’re hurting the young people who are looking and want to learn and need to learn how to resolve disputes in a better way,” continued Mathis, who avoided mentioning either Mo’Nique or Hughley’s names.

“I’m no saint; I’m guilty of having temper issues from time to time on my show. That’s entertainment. You guys, say what ya want; that’s part of your entertainment, but don’t go out [of] your way to personally attack each other, particularly your families. I appeal to you for that, let’s not turn on each other, let’s turn toward each other,” concluded his comments on the matter.

“The Parkers” star, however, is likely not done unloading her thoughts on those whom she feels have crossed her. In her response to Hughley, Mo’Nique announced that she was joining Katt Williams’ “Dark Matter Tour.” Williams set the internet ablaze in January when he unleashed on his peers Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Kevin Hart and Cedric The Entertainer during his own “Club Shay Shay” appearance.