Back in March 2023, Hit-Boy connected with The Alchemist for “Slipping Into Darkness,” which allowed them to rap over each other’s production. Today (Feb. 1), they revealed that there was more where that came from with THEODORE & ANDRE, a three-song EP that shows the duo bringing their best — both behind the boards and the microphone.

Fans can also check out a short film of the same name, which was directed by ThirdEyeRaz. In the clip, Hit-Boy and The Alchemist found themselves in a clothing store with two beautiful women, where they made themselves at home by breaking out music equipment and checking out some fly threads. Hit-Boy’s father, Big Hit, delivered a humorous cameo at the end.

Months after “Slipping Into Darkness” made its rounds on the internet, Hit-Boy revealed how much the two beatsmiths have been working together in an interview with Bootleg Kev. “We’re stacking ’em up,” the Surf Club talent said. “I’ll send him beats, and he’ll send me beats, and we’ll just go in… It’s ill. We’re giving each other direction just through sending joints over.”

He continued, “Honestly, it’s so new of a process that we haven’t even got to cook together yet. It’s just been sending s**t back and forth. But we got a nice slow amount of joints already just off that.”

The past 12 months have been a prolific one for Hit-Boy, who handled the production on albums like Music Soulchild’s Victims & Villains, Belly’s Mumble Rap 2, The Game and Big Hit’s Paisley Dreams, and the final two installments of Nas’ Magic series. He also blessed fans with his own full-length effort, SURF OR DROWN, and executive produced Benny The Butcher’s Everybody Can’t Go alongside The Alchemist, who churned out just as many collaborative projects and solo EPs within that same time frame. Check out THEODORE & ANDRE below.