Between advanced DNA testing and just pure coincidence, there happen to be several unlikely famous pairs who are related. Hollywood is a very small town, and whether they share a last name or not, many celebrities have familial connections that aren’t well-known. From RuPaul and Cory Booker to Snoop Dogg and Brandy, the genetic ties are equal parts surprising and entertaining. For instance, who would’ve guessed both Tracy Morgan and Yara Shahidi are related to one of Hip Hop’s greatest of all time? And did you know Ludacris is kin with a late comedy GOAT?

Check out these unexpected family ties below.

1. Ciara and Derek Jeter

Ciara found a new relative during a recent appearance on the PBS series hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., “Finding Your Roots.” Ciara was reviewing ancestry results when Gates told her that she had a cousin in the industry who shared similar DNA. She was shocked upon finding out that Derek Jeter was the mystery relative. According to Gates, Ciara and Jeter “share a long identical stretch of DNA on their 24th chromosome DNA,” which happened to be on Jeter’s maternal side.

2. Ludacris and Richard Pryor

According to Ludacris, he and the legendary comedian Richard Pryor share family ties. In an interview with People, Luda admitted, “He’s like my fifth, or sixth or seventh cousin, something like that. I never got a chance to meet him. But I’m a big fan of his.”

3. Cory Booker and RuPaul

During RuPaul’s visit to “Finding Your Roots,” he was informed that he shares a long stretch of DNA with Senator Cory Booker. “He looks like my kin,” RuPaul said. “There’s a sweetness about him that I’ve always loved and an intellect that’s undeniable. But every time I’ve ever seen him, he reminds me of my cousin Yula.”

The two have since discussed their family ties in person on RuPaul’s short-lived talk show.

4. Saweetie and Gabrielle Union

In December 2018, actress Gabrielle Union revealed that she and Saweetie are second cousins. The two are seen occasionally supporting each other on social media and posing for family photos together. Union tweeted, “Her father and I are first cousins.”

5. Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker

“Today” show host Al Roker and rock star Lenny Kravitz revealed in 2011 that they are second cousins, related through their grandfathers. “We both have Roker,” Kravitz said during an appearance on “Today.” “My mother was Roxie Roker, [and] my grandfather [was] Albert Roker from the Bahamas. Has to be.”

6. Tracy Morgan and Nas

On “Finding Your Roots,” Tracy Morgan discovered that his longtime friend Nas is actually his cousin. “I turn the last page, and guess who’s sitting there? Nas. Me and Nas are third cousins on my mom’s side,” Morgan exclaimed. Upon sharing the news with Nas, Morgan said that they both cried on the phone.

7. Yara Shahidi and Nas

Actress Yara Shahidi and Nas are second cousins and have sat down for conversations about their family ties. Yara’s mom, actress Keri Shahidi, is the rapper’s cousin. Yara also recalled a time serving as a flower girl in Nas’ wedding to Kelis in 2005.

8. Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder

The talented Janet Jackson revealed that legendary music maker Stevie Wonder is her third cousin. “People don’t know this one,” she said during an interview with a BBC reporter. “Stevie is actually our cousin on my mother’s side. We don’t talk about this… but yeah, he is.”

9. Snoop Dogg and Brandy

West Coast icon Snoop Dogg and songstress Brandy are first cousins. According to ESSENCE, both have family from McComb, Mississippi. This also makes Brandy’s brother, Ray J, cousins with Snoop as well.

10. Nia Long and Sommore

Nia Long and comedian Sommore are half-sisters who share the same father. However, their relationship is seemingly non-existent since Long publicly admitted to a rocky relationship with her dad, and the two have different mothers.

11. Marsai Martin and Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe and Marsai Martin found out they were cousins during a conversation at a Golden Globes after-party. As Martin’s mom began naming family members, Monáe realized that they share relatives, which made her and Martin related, too. Monáe refers to her and Martin as being “cousins on cousins on cousins.”