On Sunday (Jan. 14), scores of football fans watched the Detroit Lions beat the Los Angeles Rams in a painstakingly close victory, earning the former their first playoff win in 32 years. Among the many big names in Ford Field was Eminem, who could be spotted cheering his team on in fan-recorded footage.

Just prior to the wildcard game taking place, the Michigan legend took to Instagram to share a series of posts in support of the Lions — one of which was humorously directed at Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

“Stafford. What’d I say? You owe me this favor, bro. I was there for you when you won it,” Eminem said in a short video clip in reference to 2022’s Super Bowl LVI. “I was there for you. I was right there. I rapped for you, Stafford. Bro, I rapped for you! Can you just let us have this one? Just this one.” Subsequent clips showed the Hip Hop veteran talking about his New Year’s resolution — “for the Lion’s to win the Super Bowl” — and his intent to participate in the aforementioned matchup once the third quarter began.

In addition to Eminem’s appearance, Big Sean was also in the building to support the Lions. On his Instagram Stories, the “I Don’t F**k With You” star could be seen walking onto the field before the game and taking pictures with his peer, Slim Shady. Outside of Hip Hop, celebrities like actor Taylor Lautner, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, professional gamer and YouTuber Ninja and NFL Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders were amongst the packed crowd.

The NFC’s third-seeded Lions now have two home playoff games for the first time in franchise history and will host either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round next Sunday (Jan. 21). Whether or not Eminem will attend that game has yet to be confirmed.