Every time Katt Williams gives his opinion on anything, it’s a pivotal moment for the culture. Following his viral appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, many of his fans and supporters quickly reminded social media users of his deep history as a comedic legend on stage and on screen. As his catalog proved time and time again, Williams’ abilities as a comedian and actor — and even as a rapper — are comparable to few at best.

In celebration of Williams’ many achievements, REVOLT decided to collect 13 of his most notable moments from various stand-up specials, movies, television shows and interviews throughout his storied career. Check out some of his best below.

1. When he spoke on religion and science.

Taken from 2014’s Priceless: Afterlife, Katt Williams humorously explained how he was fed up with argumentative atheists. He even made fun of the atomic theory of matter in the Spike Lee-directed special, telling critics who judge his faith to “go outside to the parking lot and bang on your car until it becomes a better car.”

2. When he joked about his scuffle with a teenager.

In 2016, several outlets shared video footage of a fight between Williams and a reported seventh grader in Gainesville, Georgia, where the comedian was said to have been handing out money to residents.

During a guest appearance on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out,” Williams participated in the show’s popular “Got D**ned” segment. After slinging a few jokes at the rapper-host, Williams gave Cannon his flowers as a successful entrepreneur and businessman that he’s really proud of. “I knew him since he was 14. I let kids beat me all the time. Y’all know that,” Williams said, prompting an eruption of laughter from the crowd. “Adults, I knock the f**k out, though.”

3. When he came to terms with his height.

In his very first comedy special, 2006’s Live: Let a Playa Play, Williams addressed age-old advice to children about being healthy and even used his parents as part of the act. Building on what would be one of his most memorable jokes, he recalled when he was expected to drink milk and eat his vegetables as a youth with the promise that he would “grow up big and strong.” He then pointed to his mother and father’s height as a clear indication of why he shouldn’t have been wasting his time. “What the f**k was I drinkin’ milk for? S**t. I could’ve been eating Lemonheads and baked beans all day!” he stated matter-of-factly to a hugely receptive audience.

4. When he roasted radio host Wanda Smith live on her own show.

Setting off one of the wildest moments of Williams’ career, 2018 saw the comedian joining collaborator Red Grant for an interview on V-103’s “Frank and Wanda In the Morning” in Atlanta to promote an upcoming show. It was during the sit-down when seemingly friendly banter with host Wanda Smith escalated into a full-on mudslinging contest — and Williams quickly gained the upper hand. In addition to another hilarious use of broccoli, Williams’ wig and cholesterol disses were so scathing that he found himself in a highly publicized conflict with Smith’s husband days later.

5. When he recalled meeting DMX.

In 2006, Williams delivered one of his most iconic performances with The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1. Though the highlights were virtually endless within the 45-minute stand-up, his story about DMX, which was mainly centered around the late Yonkers star’s energy and communication skills, was easily one of the most notable and bittersweet. For added flavor, he followed that with equally hilarious jokes about Omarion and Shaquille O’Neal.

6. When he drew a laugh from Larry King during a rapid-fire Q&A.

Before his passing in 2021, Larry King sat down with Katt Williams for a transparent interview. During the popular “If You Only Knew” segment, King let off a series of rapid-fire questions, one of which generated a genius solution to a deserted island scenario.

7. When he dissed Young Gunz on a track.

In 2005, Young Gunz released their sophomore LP, Brothers from Another, which contained a song titled “Set It Off.” On the Swizz Beatz-produced effort, the Philadelphia duo decided to send a shot in Williams’ direction. “Coming to holla through haters’ blizzock / You godd**n right, so have that money right / And we don’t mess with the funny type / Fake-a** pimps like Money Mike,” they rapped, referencing Williams’ Friday After Next character.

It didn’t take long for Williams to respond on wax. Mere months later, he would join The Game on the Compton rapper’s Ghost Unit standout track, “Palm Pilot.” Over the “Set It Off” instrumental, Williams dedicated an entire verse to “Chris and Neefy” — one that left all of Hip Hop surprised and entertained.

8. When he delivered one of the best stand-up intros with a Rick Ross classic.

2007’s American Hustle: The Movie wasn’t just a stand-up comedy. Not only did it begin with a scripted 20-minute short aimed at several Hollywood comedy tropes, but viewers could also check out hilarious sets from Red Grant, Melanie Comarcho and Luenell.

Even with all of that, Williams’ eventual stage entrance — with Rick Ross’ “Hustlin’” as his soundtrack — stands at the film’s most memorable moment. “Mr. DJ, that’s my song, too… That’s my s**t. Any n**ga that hustle, that’s our national anthem right there,” Williams said. “Even if your job doesn’t require no hustling, even if you’re a librarian, just play that s**t at the library and see how that s**t feels.”

9. When he appeared on “The Last O.G.” as Fred.

Williams had a habit of stealing the spotlight through his many TV guest appearances, one of which won him a well-deserved Emmy Award. Another humorous role was on “The Last O.G.,” in which he starred as Fred opposite Tracy Morgan’s Tray Barker.

In the above scene, the two actors argue about Fred’s cooking skills in a hysterical fashion with J. B. Smoove’s Carl briefly joining in on the action.

10. When he showed off his improvisational skills during a First Sunday outtake.

In 2008, Katt Williams appeared in the crime comedy First Sunday alongside the likes of Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, Loretta Devine, Keith David and Regina Hall. While he was the main factor in more than a few belly-aching scenes throughout the film, an outtake that regularly goes viral on social media is further proof of his natural comedic ability.

In the short clip, Williams — as the eccentric Ricky — could be seen going off the cuff with co-stars Retta and Arjay Smith, and it didn’t take long for the cast to break character as a result of Williams’ jokes.

11. When he voiced A Pimp Named Slickback on “The Boondocks.”

Williams’ role as A Pimp Named Slickback created timeless memes as soon as the character was introduced on “The Boondocks.” From his name — “It’s A Pimp Named Slickback, like A Tribe Called Quest. You say the whole thing.” — to his thoughts on having a “b**ch dependency,” his role made the controversial figure a fan-favorite.

Interestingly enough, a DJ-producer LAKIM later took audio from “The Boondocks” to create a mashup titled “A Pimp Named Slickback” in 2019. In 2023, the song became a viral hit on TikTok, further keeping Williams’ animated character alive with a matching dance to boot.

12. When he smoked with Snoop Dogg.

Here’s another gem from Live: Let A Playa Play that saw him recalling his first run-in with Snoop Dogg. Needless to say, Katt Williams had a rude awakening about the Long Beach MC’s above-average cannabis consumption via a smoke session that looked “like an Olympic track meet in that b**ch.”

13. When he sat for a “Club Shay Shay” interview.

It would be unreasonable not to include Williams’ conversation with Shannon Sharpe as one of his biggest moments. The exchange sparked plenty of speculation about several other comedians, as well as responses from Williams’ many targets. The clip — which generated roughly 30 million views five days after its premiere — even pushed Ludacris to deliver an impressive freestyle aimed at the ComicView alum. You can read much more about the “Club Shay Shay” sit-down here.