Earlier today (Jan. 3), TMZ unveiled an interview with Yung Bleu ahead of his latest venture, Moon Boy University, which is described as “a full-service recording, marketing, media, and distribution agency” on its official website. During the conversation, the Mobile, AL talent explained the entity’s membership program.

“We got gold and black card members [who] pay an annual fee. It starts at $1,500 and goes up to $10,000,” he stated in a short clip. “Any artist or creator can sign up to be a member of this, and they’ll have access to our services, like marketing, like digital, and stuff like that, just like [a record company]. It’s kind of like a unique thing.” Bleu also revealed that he’s already partnered with content creators to “produce some professional stuff” with the institution’s resources.

On New Year’s Day (Jan. 1), the Love Scars II singer shared some behind-the-scenes footage of Moon Boy University, which is expected to open its Gainesville, GA location in February. He also gave fans an update on the next chapter of his career.

“[In] 2023, I took time to build my own label and empire. I didn’t sleep well at night knowing my career and legacy was in everybody’s hand but mines!” he wrote on Instagram. “I sacrificed a lot for this. Being absent in 2023, I lost friends, fans, [and] even business relationships because of my absence, and ambitions to be a boss and build something my family can stand on.”

Bleu continued, “My label headquarters and studio [are] done hiring staff [and] getting it running… And I’m about to shake the world up with new music. Everybody can’t see the end goal and that’s okay! But I’m proud of myself. No investors, no funding, and barely any help. I was on my hands and knees most days doing work. Whatever it took. This [is] my legacy. I can’t wait to hold my first plaque from something I built and I WILL do that this year.”