DDG may have reached a breaking point with the public’s interest in his and Halle Bailey’s relationship, including the rumors of them welcoming their first child. He ditched his usual playful demeanor during a recent Snapchat Q&A with fans, where he took them to task for overstepping boundaries.

Among the questions was one asking if he had a daughter. DDG responded with “No,” before giving followers insight on his frustrations with their overreaching interest in his and Bailey’s lives. “Bro, I don’t know why people [are] so invested in what I got going on or what we got going on… mind your business,” he said.

The “9 Lives” artist suggested that those caught up with the ins and outs of social media posts get reacquainted with the outdoors. “So invested in people who don’t know you. I ain’t gon’ lie, like, I love my supporters and s**t, but in real life, bruh, I don’t know y’all. That’s just the truth. You guys, just let me live my life… Whatever’s going on in my life or her life, bro, is not going to change yours,” said DDG.

He then advised the couple’s supporters to instead lock in and focus on themselves and making money in the new year. He doubled down on his message when he addressed another person who told him to “stay solid. I like you for Halle. She glows.” His sentiments about drawing a clear line between his real life and social media persona became even more clear.

“I don’t give a d**n if you like me for her. This what I don’t be liking, bro. You don’t know her… How do you know if I’m good or bad for her? She’s not related to you in no shape or form… Y’all don’t know me, bruh. This is entertainment. Everything I do on the internet is entertainment. When I cut the phone off, bro, and when I get offline and everything, and I’m not on Twitter or whatever, everything is entertainment. Everything is calculated for a reason… I’m a whole different person. You don’t know what type of person I am,” the Detroit native continued.

The couple marked two years together on Dec. 26, according to the YouTuber-turned-rapper. The Little Mermaid star made their relationship official on Instagram in March of 2022 and has since gushed about DDG being her first real adult love.