On Tuesday (Dec. 26), Lil Nas X decided to stir the pot with his latest website, which asks fans to help save him from Satan.

“Has the devil-worshipping pop artist finally been sacrificed to his master?” a message asks those who visit the nostalgically designed page. “Why is he secluding himself? What is he preparing for? This site will answer all these questions and more! We will find Montero and we will save him by returning his heart to J. Christ’s light!”

The tongue-in-cheek message continues as users scroll further. “In one of his music videos… Lil Nas X can be seen twerking on Satan himself,” the statement reads. “Perhaps the devil has possessed Nas X with the spirit of sin to influence the world into d**nation. That is why Nas has been away from the spotlight. To arrange a scheme against the world with Satan and probably twerk on him some more!” The website contains other controversial additions like the Georgia talent’s “specific location in hell” and an ongoing reminder of how long it’s been since the release of his debut LP.

Accompanying the aforementioned is an interactive video game, titled Heaven or Hell, that fans can play on Twitter. As the title makes clear, said game allows those to make certain choices from birth that will lead them to their next stage in the afterlife.

As REVOLT previously reported, Lil Nas X shared a teaser for a new song back in November — one that saw him entering into the gospel realm. Not long after that release, the chart-topper reacted to criticism about the music on social media.

“Y’all see everything I do as a gimmick when in reality I’m just an artist expressing myself in different ways,” he wrote. “Whether I’m a cowboy, gay, satanic, or now Christian, y’all find a problem! Y’all don’t police nobody else’s art like mine. Y’all hate me because I’m fun, cute, and petite.”