Back in July, Flo Milli announced her next album, titled Fine Ho, Stay, a conceptual continuation of the previous drops Ho, why is you here ? and You Still Here, Ho ? Throughout 2023, the Alabama talent served up singles from the forthcoming effort like “Fruit Loop,” “B.T.W,” “Chocolate Rain,” “Hot Box,” and “BGC.”

On Friday (Dec. 1), she liberated two versions of another track titled “Never Lose Me,” one of which added on a verse from Lil Yachty. Produced by ​gerreaux, the upbeat number sees Flo Milli rapping about her special someone on wax.

“Keep me a Haitian, I love me a Zoe, I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout you on the road, we havin’ rich sex on a boat, he hit it back to back like it’s dope, how you gon’ prove you could treat me right? You stole my heart like a thief in the night, yeah, he my man, he was never your type, if you try me, ho, it’s on sight, he totin’ the Uzi, but he actin’ real bougie, I like to fight over d**k, ho, don’t get hit with the two-piece, you know you can call if you need me…”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Flo Milli revealed that she and producer Young Fyre created the bulk of Fine Ho, Stay in a single evening. “It was almost, like, what, 10 songs [that night]? It was me feeling it. I don’t know how to explain it,” she said. The XXL Freshman alum also spoke on how the project will be her most personal to date.

“I feel like I’m allowing them to see a vulnerable Flo,” she explained. “I always have something to prove to myself and others. Every time, I expect myself to get better. So it’s always going to be personal when you’re working to be better than your last self.”

Press play on “Never Lose Me” below.