In 2005, T-Pain burst into the cultural zeitgeist, ushered onto the mainstream scene under the mentorship of his label head, Akon. Before signing to Konvict Muzik, the Florida native was solely a rapper in the group Nappy Headz. He then pivoted to become a singer-songwriter as well, birthing his original artist tagline and title of his debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga. His sound popularized the pitch-correcting effect known as Auto-Tune.

T-Pain, also known as Teddy Pain, has been criticized for using Auto-Tune as a crutch, not having the typical R&B voice or songwriting style, and opening the floodgates for other unique rappers and singers to cheapen the musical genres. Despite the criticism, he is considered the pioneer of the robotic croon and has paved the way for various rap artists, including Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Future, to continue using Auto-Tune in their catalog.

Many used to overlook Teddy Pain’s sound and pen game. Now, his songs are undeniably considered some of the most engaging of all time. We’d be remiss to discuss T-Pain’s influence without acknowledging his way with words — specifically, those written with the ladies in mind. The following are 11 T-Pain lyrics you can adapt to spit the perfect game.

1. I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper): “Out of all the girls, she be the hottest / Likin’ the way she break it down / I see you girl.”

Although every woman might not have the finesse and moves of a stripper, they will definitely appreciate an admirer’s sentiment in being completely smitten at first glance. Letting a woman know she’s the hottest out of all the other girls is bound to make her blush or at the very least crack a smile. However, be aware that you will need more to land a number or an Instagram follow, but at least T-Pain has given you the framework.

2. Studio Luv: “Girl just close your eyes and picture me playin’ your Spanish guitar / Baby where we goin’, there ain’t no such thing as a bad note / If I could I would, stroke your body like I do my keyboard / Are you ready? Ready to do something you never did before.”

As an artist, Teddy Pain is an underrated storyteller. He has the distinct ability to vividly paint the exact scenarios he describes. In “Studio Luv,” he sets the scene as an artist in the midst of creating his next best hit, but there’s a deeper meaning. He makes references to a Spanish guitar, a keyboard and the chemistry of playing with each musical device, which are metaphors for the woman he has his eye on. Whether you too are an artist or hoping to spit a lil’ somethin’, somethin’ to your boo, try your luck equating her to a sexy instrument — respectfully, of course.

3. Bartender: “Two hundred b**ches in the building, ain’t none of them hot / Except for this pretty young thang that was workin’ all the way at the top / Shawty, what is your name?”

T-Pain has been vocal about his obsession with nightlife. Leave it to the Auto-Tune vocalist to fall in infatuation with the “pretty young thang” working over at the bar. If you ever find yourself looking to compliment a bartender, consider mentioning the allure they have over the 200 others in the function — those are some odds. Speaking of odds, swooping in to ask for a name or number shortly after you share a compliment is a tried and tested move. At the very least, you might get a discounted drink or make friends for a later date. A win is a win.

4. Put It Down: “On my nappy head, you can pull my nappy dreads if you want to / Shawty, I’ma put it on you / And make you think that you the girl that I be singin’ all my songs to.”

With T-Pain’s long track record of love songs, it only makes sense that he would plug himself every now and then. Here, Pain is referencing his sexual prowess with a sprinkle of romance. And let’s be real — if he sang “I’m Sprung” or “Studio Luv” to you on a good day, it might be just enough to have you weak in the knees.

5. Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’): “Baby girl, what’s your name? / Let me talk to you, let me buy you a drank … I know the club close at 3 / What’s the chances of you rollin’ with me? / Back to the crib, show you how I live / Let’s get drunk, forget what we did.”

If you find yourself dancing with someone in the club, it’s best to get straight to the point. You might as well come out the gate swinging by asking for their name or whether they would like a drink. A straight shooter who’s precise, polite and goes so far as to invite you to their next move? We’re giving you the game here, according to T-Pain.

6. Shawty: “Even though I’m not your man, you’re not my girl, I’ma call you my shawty / ‘Cause I can’t stand to see you treated bad, I beat his a** for my shawty.”

The shawty in this song is technically considered a friend in T-Pain’s hook, but once Plies starts rapping, she’s a little more than that… a friend with benefits, if you will. If a FWB is what you are looking for, then try shooting your shot by offering a benefit other than just sex — like being a personal bodyguard. It’s dangerous out there, and surely, plenty of women would appreciate some chivalry and muscle.

7. Can’t Believe It: “I can put you in the log cabin / Somewhere in Aspen / Girl, ain’t nothing to the Pain / Ain’t tricking if you got it, what you asking for? / Put you in the mansion / Somewhere in Wisconsin … We can change that last name, what’s happening.”

Time and time again, T-Pain’s lyrics suggest he is a man on a mission who doesn’t mind going the extra mile for the woman he has his eye on. As an average Joe, you may not be able to take your love interest to a cabin in Aspen or a mansion in Wisconsin, but you can plan a thoughtful date. No one is insisting you trick unless you got it, but going the extra mile will have your crush paying extra attention to you.

8. Best Love Song: “DJ, turn off what you’re playin’ / I want the whole club to hear what I’m sayin’ / Because this girl means so much to me / And now we’re on the floor and she touchin’ me / And if I wanna take her home / It’s gotta be better than what they do on the radio.”

Bring back the days when folks would make bold confessions of their love. Remember when people blasted love songs on stereos in front of windows, recorded heartfelt tunes on the radio or gifted CDs? T-Pain is giving y’all the key to modern-day romance. Ask the DJ to play that girl a love song or to pass you the mic, so you can spit a few bars and have her heart fluttering.

9. Blame It: “ Girl, I know you feel good, just like you look.”

It’s clear that T-Pain is skilled at making the ladies feel beautiful and desired. Your focus should be the person you’re interested in getting to know, which will require some level of courting — and it helps if your pursuit is funny, catchy and rhymes.

10. Low: “Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur / The whole club was lookin’ at her.”

The important takeaway from these “Low” lyrics is T-Pain’s attention to detail. Some women take so much time getting ready in order to look great and smell good that the acknowledgment of an article of clothing or scent can go a long way in breaking the ice. Get familiar with what your crush enjoys wearing or another detail specific to her lifestyle, and watch her applaud your efforts.

11. Anita (Remix): “ We got spark, we can light up the dark / Just like a bucket of electric eels / Pull off your panties, I pull up in the Phantom / Hasn’t anybody told you crack kills? / But girl, you’re killing me, I need your energy / You’re giving me something I can feel / I feel, in the right light / You looking like a girl I used to date / But now, you in the wife light.”

Read these lyrics and tell me you don’t feel the passion in T-Pain’s proposal. He’s pulling off all the stunts here to convince the woman he is addressing that it’s imperative they become acquainted. Sparks are flying, like eels in dark waters, and he claims that he could feel their energy above all else. This is the type of confidence that could pull just about anyone.