What better way to travel to your favorite store than with a fire playlist? Music is the perfect motivator when you’re looking to spend money, regardless of the amount. Black Friday is the opportune time to find deals on items for yourself or someone else that you wouldn’t find any other time of the year. Whether you’re trying to get ahead of the game in preparing to shop or want some songs to listen to while navigating the store, here’s a list of songs that encourage shopping and blowing a bag on your favorite brands.

1. “Shopping Spree by Murda Beatz feat. Lil’ Pump and Sheck Wes: “When I go shopping, I buy everything I see”

While buying everything you see in the store may not be ideal for everyone, going in with an open mindset can help enhance your shopping experience. It also can make a difference when you may have a set budget on how much you want to spend, and what method of shopping you’re looking to use. Between shopping in-store and online, you can’t go wrong with using this song as motivation.

2. “Throw It in the Bag” by Fabolous feat. The-Dream: “Just throw it in the bag”

This 2009 classic made headway on the release of Fabolous’ album Loso’s Way and has since maintained its relevance on various radio stations across the country. When shopping on a hectic day, you don’t always have the time to hesitate on whether or not to buy something. The “throw it in the bag” mindset helps make sure that you treat yourself to the items that you’ve been thinking about since January. All we ask is that you don’t buy the whole store.

3. “HOTEL LOBBY” by Quavo and Takeoff: “Buy it all, f**k a fronter”

After the split of the hit rap trio Migos, former members of the group Takeoff and Quavo decided to continue the momentum of their careers by coming together as a duo without Offset. They soon formed a new group called Unc & Phew and before long, released their debut album called Only Built for Infinity Links in late 2022. While the artists have always been known for their money-stacking lyrics, it’s with no surprise that they also encourage fans to spend it. This verse reminds fans that they don’t need to get an advance on their money to get what they want, and you shouldn’t either.

4. Captain Hook by Megan Thee Stallion: “I go shopping, want it, then I cop it”

Hot girl coach Megan Thee Stallion is always encouraging a hustle mentality and treating yourself. On “Captain Hook,” fans are able to not only embrace sexual liberation but also get motivated to go out and buy everything they want regardless of what’s in their bank account. This carefree mindset is what is going to help swipe those Visas.

5. Put It On Da Floor Again by Latto feat. Cardi B: “Rip me out the plastic, I been acting brand new”

After purchasing your goodies, it’s safe to say that this should be your go-to song while unboxing your items. This upbeat track is well-known as one of this year’s hottest songs playing on syndicated radio and across streaming platforms. Featuring some of rap’s hottest women, this song is just what you need on your playlist to boost that self-esteem while shopping.

6. “Oh U Went” by Young Thug feat. Drake: “They say that life is about balance, baby, and the balance is in my account now”

The overabundance of sales going on during certain times of the year can be overwhelming for some people. This verse reminds us to not only have a balance in our personal lives, but a balance in our bank accounts too. This song was featured on the Business Is Business album by Young Thug and has since become an anthem for many who desire or already enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. For those aspiring to live lavishly, this catchy song will help the time you spend shopping feel like no time at all. This song is also great for an extra pick-me-up while you go from store to store since it can be tiring to wait in the fitting room or check-out lines.

7. Show Me The Money by City Girls: “New jewels, shine me out / Shopping sprees, fly me out”

A new everything is the vibe. With thousands of sales in-store and online, you can’t go wrong with treating yourself to a shopping spree. As this City Girls’ song expresses, you want to make it a point to shine like there’s no tomorrow with those new accessories and clothes in your closet. While the song may also insist on someone treating you to these things, there’s nothing wrong with splurging for a weekend on high-end jewelry, even if you end up having to work a little harder afterward to replenish your bank account.

8. Payday by Doja Cat feat. Young Thug: “I just spend it all on my team, and we go”

While it’s always fun to buy gifts for yourself, spoiling friends and family is an even more satisfying feeling. This lyric helps to encourage listeners to buy gifts for others and be unbothered by how much they spend on them. Gift-giving doesn’t need to include watching your pocket. The happiness on your loved ones’ faces is what can keep you going to embrace all the sales coming your way.

9. Gift Shop by Usher and Zaytoven feat. Gunna: “Treat the Gucci store like a gift shop”

Any delulu energy is condoned during your shopping experiences if it means blowing a bag on gifts for some of the favorite people in your life. This lyric encourages you to not worry about the price tag as you’re browsing the store and enjoy all the discounts your heart — and pockets — desire.

10. Dipped In Ice by Saweetie: “Chanel treat me nice, I don’t check the price”

Saweetie has always made music for the girls who indulge in luxury, which is why this song is one of our favorites. The Chanel call-out encourages embracing a stress-free shopping experience and not focusing on the quantity of money you’re spending, but the quality of the item you’re spending on. Female rappers have always been a beacon of empowerment for women of all ages and races, but this song especially hits home for those who are looking to pick up on the luxury Black girl trend that’s been sweeping across social media. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a gift from someone else, be sure to add something from Chanel to your wishlist.

11. Got Money by Lil’ Wayne feat. T-Pain: “It go one for the money, two for the show / Now clap your hands if you got a bankroll”

You can’t go ball out without money first, right? Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain remind us about this in their 2008 hit. Thankfully, with shopping, you don’t have to go with a whole lot of money. All you need is just enough to get gifts for your loved ones. These lyrics also encourage the celebration of self and the fact that you even have money to spend. Financial hardships come and go for so many of us, so listening to this song will remind you that you’re doing the best you can and the money will return before you know it.

12. Looking for Trouble by Kanye West feat. Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, Big Sean and J. Cole: “Soon as I got salad, I spent it all on dressing / French, to be exact, that Balmain was impressive”

Out of the many Ye lyrics that we’ve been blessed with over the years, it’s safe to say this one ranks as one of the top for motivation to shop. For all the fashion lovers out there, this verse is especially for you. This metaphoric lyricism gives a double meaning to salad and dressing, which can translate to high-end designer clothing.

13. I Get Money by 50 Cent: “I’m stanky rich, I’ma die trying to spend this s**t”

While we don’t want you to be on the verge of kicking the bucket while trying to spend your money, we want you to feel rich while taking advantage of amazing deals. Spending money like there’s no tomorrow is always a great feeling. Not caring how much you spend can alleviate the stress of a budget and create an exciting experience. In this song, 50 Cent refers to staying motivated when trying to spend your money and having numerous odds stacked against you. Additionally, he speaks about having so much money that you can’t spend it all. We hope to all have money that will last us a lifetime.