On Friday (Nov. 17), TMZ reported that Russ became the latest victim of a home burglary.

According to the outlet, thieves managed to infiltrate his Georgia residence, making off with several 9 mm guns, including Glock 19s, a CZ Scorpion and two Walther handguns. The assailants also took two high-end Chanel purses, valued at $15,000 and $9,000, and Russ’ girlfriend’s Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG. The independent artist reported the act to the Roswell Police Department after finding evidence on his security cameras. He also FaceTimed officers after they arrived and toured the house.

The unfortunate news arrives months after Russ liberated his latest body of work, SANTIAGO, a 13-song effort with appearances from Justin Nozuka, Rexx Life Raj and Bibi Bourelly, the last of whom contributed to three tracks.

SANTIAGO is my journey to self-love and self-mastery while touching on the obstacles that have provided resistance along the way,” he stated on social media in regard to the project. “Feelings of emptiness, inadequacy, imposter syndrome, doubt, anger, shame (to name a few) and ultimately issues from my childhood that have shown up in my adult life. It’s my attempt to understand, navigate and heal… I hope that by listening to me face my own emotions, you all gain the courage to face your own.”

Many celebrities within music and sports have had their residences broken into in the past year. Back in January, Drake‘s Los Angeles mansion was ransacked — for the second time — by an intruder who was caught hours after walking out of the front door with the rapper’s property in-hand. In 2022, three men were arrested a month after trespassing into Mariah Carey’s Atlanta home. Even Michael Jordan isn’t devoid of such crimes, as his Illinois residence was raided by an 18-year-old this past August.