Since breaking out in 2017 with his Harder Than Hard mixtape, Lil Baby has become one of Atlanta’s most beloved contemporary rappers. Early hits like “My Dawg” and “Yes Indeed” showed what the artist was capable of and he hustled hard to become the star he is today, which is captured across countless songs in his discography. Before his fame, he had to sleep on the floor and face eviction; now, he’s a global rap star with a bank account that gets more and more outrageous with each passing day. But he only got to where he is now through his hustle.

These lyrics aren’t just meant to showcase his grinding mentality but inspire yours, too. Here are 15 Lil Baby lyrics to awaken the hustler in you.

1. Sum 2 Prove: “Businessman, went and got me an office/ Million-dollar deals, I get ’em often/ Me and Dolla was servin’ on Sparks Street/ Hot lil’ jit, he gon’ stay with the chopstick/ I got robbed, that s**t made me a monster/ Eviction notice, my sister, my mamas/ Now they houses as big as they want ’em.”

From seeing his sister and mom getting evicted to being able to get them any house they want, this lyrics shows how Lil Baby has become a provider for the people closest to him. He’s not just an artist, but he’s a businessman making million-dollar deals, and with that comes the ability to take care of himself and his family.

2. To the Top: “Straight to the money no stop/ I’ma give it all I got … Straight to the money no stop/ I’ma go straight to the top.”

On “To the Top,” all Lil Baby is focused on is getting to the money. This outro captures his dedication to achieving success and giving everything to get what he wants. By the time he released this track on 2017’s Too Hard mixtape, he already had three other projects under his belt, proving that the motivational mantra of “To the Top” wasn’t just talk. He was working overtime to get there.

3. Money Forever: “I used to sleep on the floor for a mattress/ Getting evicted, that s**t was embarrassing/ My mama didn’t have it, we made us a palettes/ I had to share with the roaches and rats/ Keep gettin’ money these voices keep telling me.”

As some of the most vivid lyrics Lil Baby has to offer, it’s hard not to envision all of the hardship he shares here. Facing eviction, having to sleep on a floor with roaches and rats skittering about — enduring such adversity can be soul-crushing. Despite this, the now-star remained focused on getting his money up, and his perseverance is paying off in ways he always dreamed of.

4. Woah: “Work hard and determine, it’s safe to say I earned it, woah/ Yeah, none of you guys get fly as me, woah/ Matter of fact, none of you guys get high as me, woah/ Post my drip up daily just so they can see, woah.”

Having worked hard to get where he is, there’s no doubt in Lil Baby’s mind that he’s earned the life he has now. The drip and weed are immaculate, so much so that it’s worth bragging about. When you’ve hustled as hard as he has, it’s only right to relish in the luxuries you’re finally able to afford.

5. Heyy: “Yeah, stay down, hustle hard until you come up/ Take some, only when you need it/ You won’t make it far bein’ greedy.”

A crucial part of the hustle isn’t just staying committed to the grind, but being strategic, as well. You don’t want to make too many unnecessary purchases or take more than you need, and that’s what Lil Baby is rapping about here. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re at a place where you aren’t yet. Keep building, so that the come-up is guaranteed.

6. Low Down: “I was thinking prices too high, then I raised ’em/ S**t in my bank account gettin’ outrageous.”

When you know what you’re worth, why not raise your price? When the star released 2020’s My Turn album — which features “Low Down” — he was already a Billboard-charting, Grammy-nominated artist. Knowing that he’s worth more than he used to be, Lil Baby isn’t afraid to ask for a higher price, showing that his hard work has resulted in a bank account that he can only describe as outrageous.

7. Voice of the Heroes: “Just keep on bein’ the voice, I’ll be the hero/ And everything I got is a profit, started with zero/ I can never turn my back on my apartment, that’s where I come from/ And I’m just gettin’ started, relax, wait ’til I warm up.”

Before Lil Baby got to where he is now, he started with zero like most of us. But he managed to flip that into multiple zeroes, presumably becoming a million-dollar rapper in the process. And he’s just getting started, as he hopes to grow his profit even more than what it already is, while also being a hero to the countless fans who look up to him.

8. In A Minute: “I’m just tryna ball and live, hundred mill’, I’m calling dibs/ I’m the boss, pay all the bills, I’m the golden child for real/ Go off in this b**ch, I will, I been on my grind for years/ And I’m out here grinding still, I need equity to sign the deal.”

Sometimes a good hustle isn’t just about the money you’ll be making upfront. It’s also about the equity you could be making, too. To be a boss, it’s smart to have other revenue streams, and Lil Baby knows this. He’s grinding for long-term wealth in multiple ways, so that he can continue to live how he wants to and provide for himself and those he cares for, for as long as he can.

9. Frozen: “Really, I know you see what’s happenin’, I’m steady blowin’ up/ I know n**gas want me to fall but I’m steady goin’ uphill/ Started from the bottom, how the f**k I’m up here?/ If you rеally came from nothin’, then you know how that feel.”

When you come from nothing, the success you achieve feels that much better. The MC tarted at the bottom and dealt with so much along the way, but he managed to hustle his way to the top. No matter who hopes he falls, he won’t stop going higher and higher.

10. Errbody: “Five million dollars, for me, that ain’t no deal/ I done made that times six in like three years/ Off this rap s**t, I can’t even talk about this trap s**t.”

Lil Baby has amassed such riches for himself that $5 million isn’t even that much to him. He’s managed to make a lot of bread off of his rap career, which shows how his consistent hustle has helped him gain fortunes in a rather short amount of time. It’s a brag-deserving flip to aspire to: Knowing that you’re able to make more than what already is an extravagant amount of money.

11. Days Off: “I know times get hard but it’s gon’ pay off, it’s gon’ pay off/ Grinding every day, can’t take no days off, no days off.”

The journey to success is usually a hard one. You have to be steady in your grind, working at it until it pays off. From the very beginning of his career, Lil Baby knew that was necessary to become the artist he was destined to be. “Days Off” is from his debut mixtape, Perfect Timing, and serves as the opening track. It foreshadowed the hustler mindset fans came to know and love from Lil Baby, and its chorus is a testament to the rapper’s resolve.

12. Global: “I put my all into this s**t/ I worked so hard to get my wrist/ It broke my heart but I didn’t quit/ I had to ball with no assist/ I got ’em all on my drip.”

To be prosperous can be a heartbreaking ordeal. You’re devoting so much of yourself to your goals, and sometimes you don’t even have any assistance. But you can’t quit; you’ve got to give your all and continue to put in the work. That’s how Lil Baby went from a local hero in Atlanta to a global star.

13. Not Finished: “Sun up to sundown, ain’t nothin’ else to do, but get money, so f**k it, I’m workin’ the block/ AP a cool quarter-million, I’m sorry, this watch did not come from me punchin’ no clock.”

As his own boss, the rapper isn’t clocking into any job. He’s self-made, and works the day away to buy himself a $250,000 watch. For those who are going the entrepreneurial route to make money, these lines from “Not Finished” are a great motivator and exhibited Lil Baby as the perfect example of a successful businessman.

14. East Point Prayer: “I took big risks, now I’m a big fish/ A billion dollars at the top of my to-do list/ Buy a villa in Saint-Barts, maybe a cruise ship, well, really a yacht / Just to say that I got it, product of my environment.”

When you’re betting on yourself, you’re taking a big risk. Lil Baby could’ve played it safe and never attempted to become a rapper. Instead, he took a chance and believed in himself. Now look at him; he’s buying a villa on a Caribbean island and considering purchasing a yacht just because he can.

15. Pride is the Devil: “I own five homes, glad some of this s**t starting to make sense/ I’m staying hella focused and I can’t forget the bigger picture/ I can’t even hold you, I didn’t have s**t, I won’t forget it.”

Featured on this J. Cole track, Lil Baby offers a verse that includes these inspirational lines. Like he’s rapped about in other songs, he came from nothing. Now, here he is rapping alongside one of the most revered rappers of all time while reveling in his own success. By staying focused and never forgetting where he came from, Lil Baby remained devoted to the bigger picture.