On Monday (Nov. 6), Soulja Boy expressed regret after blasting J. Cole over an apparent misunderstanding. On Twitter, the SODMG head honcho admitted taking recent comments from the North Carolina star in a negative way. He also acknowledged that a certain Young Money talent helped him understand his misstep.

“[Nicki Minaj] just told me I took what he said wrong and that he was showing love. So I’m gonna let it go. My bad, y’all, I really thought dude was hating on me,” he wrote. “My bad, dawg… Sorry for the confusion.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Cole paid a visit to Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad’s “A Safe Place Podcast.” At one point in the interview, he said that he was once a hater when it came to artists like the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper.

“Around the time Soulja Boy came out, I don’t know how this happened, but I had a realization within myself,” he stated. “At that time, I had resistance. ‘Nah, that’s not the thing that I love. Like what? Y’all f**king with this?’ I was one of them. But there was a part of me that had a realization. I was proud of myself for this realization.”

In response, Soulja Boy jumped on a livestream and called Cole a “b**ch,” and claimed that the Dreamville frontman is signed to a 360 deal. “F**k clout. F**k fame. F**k streams. Don’t want me replying to s**t, don’t speak on me,” he added. “I don’t care what you was trying to say.”

Eventually, Soulja was joined by Minaj, who explained that Cole was giving him props for his career successes. “[Cole] said that he had to keep it real with himself, and admit that people like you are what was really keeping the wave going and really keeping the energy. He didn’t really wanna say that to certain people or admit that,” she explained. “So what the f**k was you on when you misinterpreted it and now you saying he’s doing the most again?”

Check out Soulja’s tweets below.