California native Lauren London revealed at REVOLT WORLD that her oldest son, Kameron Carter, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, has a strong interest in money because of the late Nipsey Hussle.

During her sit-down with “Earn Your Leisure’s” Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings for a live recording of their REVOLT podcast show, “Assets Over Liabilities,” the topic of generational wealth came up. The mom of two shared how she balances motherhood and a demanding career, and why she’s ensuring that her sons, Kameron as well as Kross Asghedom, will be educated on financial literacy to create their own empires and breed generational wealth.

The actress opened up about how her role as a mother is important because, for her, it trumps everything else she has going on.

“So my kids… They come first. So, that’s the North Star for me. If it doesn’t surround them and their schedule, I just don’t do it,” London said. “I’m gonna be honest: I’m just doing the best that I can. It is not the easiest thing in the world to do. And I do have to say no to a lot of things because my son might have a baseball game, and I’m a single mom, so I gotta be there for everything and I want to be there for everything.”

When speaking on the importance of creating generational wealth in the Black community and leaving a legacy, London disclosed that she has consistent dialogue with her son Kameron about the role financial decisions play when it comes to living a fruitful and fulfilling life.

“As far as generational wealth, my son is 14 and it’s just about, like, his education on it. I didn’t have [an] education on it. My mom, you know, struggled. She was a single mom; she had three jobs. So I knew how to hustle and I knew how to survive,” the 38-year-old said. “I was thinking with the mentality of survival rather than generational wealth. I didn’t have the mentality of abundance growing up.”

She continued, “I have those conversations with my son about abundance. Like, you can have so much for so many people, not just yourself, but for your kids, and their kids and the community. And so we just have those conversations a lot.”

London also said that the teenager has “extremely” delved into the world of finance, loves stocks and is soaking up all the knowledge he can about the power money holds. “He loves [it]. He was in a stock class and everything during COVID,” she noted.

London said that her uncle, along with her late boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, played a role in sparking his interest. “I have an uncle that is very much into, you know, financial wealth in our community. And I also think just — he grew up in the house with Hussle, so Nip was a really big influence on him for sure,” the ATL actress added.

Kameron is so devoted that he even advises London about what companies would be solid to get a return on her investments, which she admires. This has led them to learning about different money topics together, since she inquires a lot about what he’s studying.

“I asked him a lot of questions, especially with his stock class. He did [this] stock class program during COVID, and I just thought that was the coolest thing in the world. And he’s like, ‘Mom, you need to invest in Tesla. And I’m like, ‘OK, how do I do that?’” she told Bilal and Millings while laughing. “I think I’ve had to work on my mindset around money as well and understanding that it’s an energy, too, that we gotta have the mindset that it’s flowing.”

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