As REVOLT previously reported, a few of Atlanta’s popular restaurants came under fire after receiving constructive feedback from food blogger Keith Lee. One of those establishments, The Real Milk & Honey, received further backlash after posting a now-deleted response that appeared to dismiss Lee’s visit.

Today (Oct. 31), the team behind The Real Milk & Honey shared an official press release regarding the entire situation and their overall dining experience. “We extend our apologies to all as we address a recent incident that highlighted a review from a high-profile food blogger. In no way were we trying to discredit anyone,” the statement read. “If the comments came across as such, kindly accept out apologies.”

The release continued, “It’s crucial to always take feedback and make improvement for the success of our business and our community. We’ve taken time to reflect on the incident and have started internal corrective actions with our team regarding communication styles.” The brunch spot’s team then separated themselves from a TikTok post that labeled Lee as autistic and claimed that the individual behind that clip has never worked for them. Potential patrons can also now see an updated list of their house rules, which includes a new feature that allows those interested to get on a waitlist through the Yelp app.

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Last Friday (Oct. 27), Lee shared his review of The Real Milk & Honey, which consisted of phone calls, a failed DoorDash order, and his family’s attempt to make an in-person pickup while the former MMA fighter remained in the car. Unfortunately, the group ultimately walked away empty-handed due to the restaurant’s policies.

“The people that relayed this message, my family said were really nice. It’s just the rules,” Lee explained. “So far, being in Atlanta, I found some places have unique rules and this was one of them.”

He also revealed that staff did attempt to seat them after realizing who he was — a move that he’s regularly criticized in the past given his intentions to be served on the same merits as every other paying customer. Check out The Real Milk & Honey’s press release below.