Ari Fletcher confessed she is completely fine with no longer being on speaking terms with Jayda Cheaves.

During the first live taping of Yung Miami’s self-titled REVOLT show “Caresha Please,” the Chicago native shared the current status of her and the WAYDAMIN brand owner’s shaky friendship. It turns out it’s nonexistent following the first season of BET+’s unscripted reality TV series “The Impact Atlanta,” which “offers a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of Atlanta’s top influencers.” Viewers couldn’t miss the obvious tension between the two throughout the show. It didn’t help that fans jumped in with their criticisms, causing more strife between the ladies, which ultimately led to the demise of their sisterhood.

When asked if she liked being on TV, the entrepreneur told Yung Miami it was a goal of hers. “I like it because I feel… that other people can really see a different side of me, and also to help other people ‘cause things I do on the show is things I’m really battling with in real life, and I feel like other people are going through it,” Fletcher told the “Face Down” rapper during the live episode filmed at REVOLT WORLD. “And it was even a push for me.”

The common misconception is that all reality TV shows are fake storylines put together for entertainment, but the rising star also made it clear that everything she does is authentic. “I think that I always kind of forget that the cameras are there, so it just be me being natural. And it’s not like a scripted thing. People be thinking, ‘Oh that’s scripted. That’s fake.’ Everything I do on the show is real. I don’t play no, ‘Can y’all talk about…’ No, I’m going to talk about and do what I’m comfortable with. I do like it… It’s cool,” she clarified.

As the conversation continued, Yung Miami inquired about Fletcher’s friendship with her former “The Impact Atlanta” castmate Cheaves. Fletcher admitted they’re not cool anymore, and in her opinion, it’s because of how well she was received by fans of the show. Hesitant to say the wrong thing, the 28-year-old responded, “So, I think what it is… What happened is that I was like the fan-favorite on the show. And I think I went in, like, raw and showing just me. I wasn’t being like, oh, glitz and glam, you know — that’s just with the lifestyle regardless.”

“And I went and I was giving, like, deeper things [about] me, and I think she showed more of like, ‘I’m a boss,’ you know? And it’s like people were… They gravitated to me because of how I was, and I think she didn’t like that, and she felt like I had a motive to steal the shine. I don’t know — I think it was just something personal with how she felt, but it’s all love, though. It ain’t no beef or no s**t like that,” she added.

When asked about possibly reviving their friendship, Fletcher also dished that she is fine with it remaining in her past. “No, I don’t have a desire to be cool,” the video vixen replied calmly. Surprised by her response, noises came from the live studio audience. “Y’all messy,” she said while smiling at the crowd.

The new season of “The Impact Atlanta” premiered on Thursday, Oct. 5. To keep up with Ari Fletcher and other cast members, fans can stream episodes on BET+.