Social media influencer Ariana “Ari” Fletcher’s belief that men are going to cheat is the reason she gave her relationship with Moneybagg Yo another shot after learning he stepped out on her.

The first live taping of Yung Miami’s buzzing talk show, “Caresha Please,” which won Best Hip Hop Platform at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards, went down in front of a packed audience at REVOLT WORLD. Her special guest was Fletcher, who has a whopping 5.9 million followers on Instagram alone. During the steamy sit-down, they discussed Fletcher’s love life, her running a successful business, co-parenting, reality TV, and more.

When talking about “The Impact Atlanta” star’s relationships, the City Girls artist inquired about the cheating scandal Moneybagg Yo revealed when he appeared on Angie Martinez’s podcast, “In Real Life,” in May. “Since we on the subject — ‘cause I was gonna save it for the smoke — but I gotta, like, let it flow in… He cheated on you. Why [did] you stay with him after he cheated on you?” Yung Miami asked.

Fletcher confirmed the father of eight did step outside of their relationship by responding, “That n**ga cheated.” The budding television star then proclaimed, “Girls be cheating, too,” which led to Miami asking if she retaliated after Moneybagg’s infidelity was discovered.

“Nope! Black women don’t cheat,” the influencer answered with a smile.

The Remedy By Ari founder opened up and disclosed that her CMG beau started going to therapy after the unnamed woman he cheated with outed him. “He said he was going to talk to the lady. He talked to the lady,” Fletcher quipped. “[The therapist] said he ‘gotta do right or [Ari] gon’ kill you.'”

“He went and talked to the lady. Girl, you know how they do. They make all these big minor changes for two weeks. He done went and got my name tatted, bought a car… I said, ‘Aight, n**ga, I’ma stay,'” Fletcher added.

The Chicago native got serious and shared that she did end the relationship for a while after being informed by the other woman that the “Ocean Spray” rapper cheated. “But nah, I was off him, though. Like on some real s**t. I was straight on him. I wouldn’t talk to him. Nothing,” she told Yung Miami. “Like, I cold turkey cut that n**ga off… almost, almost.”

Fletcher then explained her reasoning for eventually forgiving Moneybagg Yo and offering him a second chance to do right by her.

“Umm… because I felt like I’m gon’ leave him, and I’m gonna go be with somebody else, and he gon’ cheat, too. Hopefully, he don’t, but he gon’ cheat, too, you know what I’m saying? And it’s just like I’m gonna keep getting cheated on by the rest of the 30 n**gas, so I might as well stay here, and give him another chance and see if he can figure it out — and that’s what I did. I just… I gave him another chance,” the 28-year-old explained.

The “Act Bad” rapper joked about how the gifts get bigger after a man gets caught being inappropriate with another woman, to which Fletcher agreed. “They get big, b**ch! On my mama, them s**ts get big! They get huge. Talking about I think I might wanna set this n**ga up to cheat again,” she teased. “I done got [a] house, cars, all types of s**t,” the model added, laughing with glee.

Don’t get it twisted — the “Dinner With The Don” host was adamant she would leave if he cheated again because she won’t forgive anyone twice. “I was thinking and I’m like damn… I hate to say this ‘cause I don’t want nobody thinking they can go be cheating and playing, but… My thing, too, is that you get one chance to play with me, to get caught, ’cause I don’t know, if you [get] caught again after that one time, you’re a** is smoke. It’s over for you. I’m not f**king with you no more. So, that was his one chance,” Fletcher said firmly.

Watch the full episode of “Caresha Please” tonight (Oct. 12) at 8 p.m. ET. Click here for more details on how to tune in.