A painful wound has been reopened for the family of Shanquella Robinson after learning that a Tubi series used aspects of the real-life tragedy as a plot in a recent episode of one of the network’s shows. As a result, the crime drama “Street Legal” has been served a cease-and-desist letter alleging the deceased young woman’s likeness was used without the approval of her family or overseers of her estate.

“We must express our profound dismay at the distressing misrepresentation and unauthorized use of Shanquella’s identity and the events surrounding her tragic passing,” reads the letter sent on behalf of Shanquella’s loved ones from attorney Sue-Ann Robinson. As widely reported by REVOLT, the 25-year-old died within a day of arriving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in October 2022 to celebrate her birthday with a group of purported friends.

Soon after her passing, a video surfaced online showing the woman naked and seemingly disoriented as she was pummeled with punches by a woman in the group. The disturbing footage contradicted stories about Shanquella’s death that were shared by friends with her parents, Bernard and Salamondra Robinson.

Season 2 episode 2 of “Street Legal,” titled “Frenemies,” reads: “Within 24 hours, a group of friends traveling to Cabo, Mexico, for a birthday celebration turns into a crime scene, and everyone has a different story. Are they friends or enemies?” The cease-and-desist letter states the “covertly exploited” depiction of Shanquella is an infringement upon the family’s and her estate’s legal rights to publicity. It continues, “This unauthorized use has caused significant emotional distress and harm to the Robinson family, as it has dredged up painful memories and portrayed our loved one in a manner that is inaccurate, disrespectful, and damaging to her reputation.”

Demands for remedial steps to rectify the issue include that the episode be removed from Tubi and additional platforms and that distribution of related materials referencing Shanquella’s likeness be halted. Other actions outlined require a public apology be issued and that the Robinson family be compensated for their emotional anguish and the damage the defamatory depiction has caused to the young woman’s legacy.

At the time of this report, “Street Legal” actor and producer Dennis L. Reed II had not issued a public comment on the matter. However, as of Saturday (Sept. 16), multiple posts resharing the letter can be viewed in his Instagram Story.