On Wednesday (Sept. 13), Jidenna took to social media to announce that he will no longer be supporting Janelle Monáe on “The Age of Pleasure Tour.” In a show of full transparency, the Wondaland-signed talent admitted to personal issues that he needs to address offline.

“I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of losses this year and I am tired. My spirit is heavy,” he said. “My heart is constantly beating with anxiety. Under the circumstances, I’ve been unable to deliver the A1 show that I imagined for you. I sincerely apologize, for I know that I’ve let you down more than once this year with tour cancellations. Many of you made special arrangements, worked to save up the extra cash, or drove hundreds of miles to see me perform.”

He continued, “I’m usually not one to break promises, but I cannot betray what my spirit is telling me. Please forgive me as I work through my s**t… I am making this call, so I can find some peace of mind.”

In the same series of messages, Jidenna showed love to Monáe and acknowledged his admiration for fellow supporting acts Nana Kwabena and Flyana Boss. He also confirmed that, aside from “selective appearances,” he won’t be returning to the tour circuit until 2024. As for the growing speculation about what could be happening behind the scenes, the “Bambi” talent made sure to debunk any anticipated rumors. “I’m not on the ledge. I’m not on drugs. I’m not bankrupt. I’m just human. Thank you for understanding,” he stated.

Back in May, Jidenna blessed the masses with his latest body of work, ME YOU & GOD. The soulful offering consisted of 13 songs and collaborations alongside Sensei Bueno, Roman GianArthur, Gardens & Villa, and the legendary Bootsy Collins. You can read his announcement in its entirety below.