Victoria Monét has ladies feeling like pimps living in a fantasy on her latest single, “On My Mama.” The track that references hoards of early 2000s nostalgia is unapologetic as she ditches the “humble type” and fully embraces her sex appeal.

The songstress is a mother who welcomed her first child, a daughter named Hazel, with her partner, John Gaines, in February 2021. Despite the criticism on how women should present themselves to the world — i.e., Keke Palmer’s Vegas controversy and Gabrielle Union being dragged for wearing a thong bikini while on vacation — Monét is not allowing the antiquated depiction of motherhood to dictate how she navigates this new era in her life.

“I’ve gotten comments before from people almost portraying the idea that mothers can’t be sexy,” she told Rolling Stone in a new interview published on Aug. 19. “But I always think, ‘Well, how do you think we became moms?’ We were very sexy, and people had sex with us. One way that you can make a baby is to have sex.”

The songwriter, who has penned hits for Ariana Grande and several others, doubled down on her stance, as she explained, “We can be sexy, and it makes us arguably even more sexy to be able to keep our head on straight throughout that process and still feel our authentic selves, find ourselves all over again, breathe life into another human being, and provide so much and give so much of yourself — and then still turn around and be proud to show all of those scars and marks and whatever it brought you from doing so and not be ashamed of it, be proud of it, wear it as a badge of honor, and be sexy.”

As referenced in “On My Mama” from her upcoming album, JAGUAR II, Monét knows that she looks fly and far too good for anyone to touch her bag. The record’s video was released on Monday (Aug. 14) and has already amassed more than 1.3 million views with no hints of slowing down. The hit has resonated with fans, who have been applauding the singer’s nod to dances and viral gifs that have become cultural staples. Her new album, which sonically picks up where 2020’s JAGUAR left off, is due out in a few days on Aug. 25.