Today (Aug. 4), Lil Yachty decided to bless the masses with a couple of songs to enjoy. The A-side is the ChildBoy and MaxFlames-produced “Slide,” which sees him on a stream of consciousness about women, guns, and drugs.

“You got a b**ch tucked and you said it was cool, I could tell it was definitely an issue, yeah, come with me swingin’ with pistols, if it’s smoke, let me know, it’s an issue, if you’re pretty, I might have to kiss you, if you’re ugly, I hit from the binnack, I’ma n** on her butt when I’m finished, let the whole world now I’m a menace, sippin’ on drank, swingin’ a rack, stealin’ a rack, pullin’ a Track’, yeah, keep it intact, all of my n**gas know just how to act…”

Yachty’s second drop, “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY,” takes a less melodic, slightly slower approach with a bass-heavy soundscape provided by Gentuar Memishi and Beats By Bangs. With that said, the subject matter remains largely the same with catchy lines detailing the QC-signed talent’s rockstar escapades. Along with the April drop “Strike (Holster),” both tracks were released as a quick-strike EP — one that presumably serves as a prelude to an upcoming full-length album.

Fans are also able to check out a matching video for “Slide” that comes courtesy of Yachty‘s go-to director: AMD Visuals. The short clip shows him enjoying a pizza alone, hanging with friends outside of his Hummer EV, and more.

Back in January, Yachty liberated his fifth studio LP, Let’s Start Here., an experimental body of work that saw the rapper delving into alternative styles like psychedelic rock. Diana Gordon, Teezo Touchdown, Justine Skye, Fousheé, Ant Clemons, Daniel Caesar, Nick Hakim, and more made appearances on the genre-bending effort. You can press play on both “Strike” and “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY” below.