Over the past few months, Coco Jones has emerged as a force in TV/film and the music industry. She stars in Peacock’s “Bel-Air” and has a No. 1 hit featured on her latest EP, What I Didn’t Tell You.

Yesterday (July 27), Jones spoke with EBONY about her year thus far, including announcing her first tour, an update on her debut album, viral performances, and winning BET’s Best New Artist award. As she accepted the accolade, the 25-year-old delivered a moving speech, which she explained during the interview.

“When I was in my season of uncertainty, I just wanted someone else to tell me that it was okay. So, because I didn’t find that, I wanted to be that reminder for others,” she shared. “That reminder to take it easy on yourself as Black women, to show yourself grace and mercy, yet still expect amazing things for yourself. And, be okay with the time that it takes. That was the reassurance that I was looking for in my storm, and I want to give that to the next Black girl every chance I can.”

Jones earned the award for her amazing work as an artist and the success of her EP. Last month, the Let It Shine actress announced her first headlining tour. “I’ve been in rehearsals galore to make sure that this is an iconic moment in time for everyone who comes to watch me perform,” Jones said of her preparation for the tour. The road experience is set to begin this fall, with stops in Dallas, Boston, Denver, and more to come. During her conversation with EBONY, the “ICU” songstress also gave an update on her highly anticipated album. The South Carolina native mentioned, “I’m also working on my debut album, which hopefully comes out at the top of 2024. It’s going to be one of the most important projects that I put out, so I’m taking my time with it.”

A possible song that could be featured on the forthcoming project is an R&B powerhouse single with the “new girls” that Jones believes would be dope. “Me, Chloe [Bailey], Ella Mai, Summer Walker — just a girls’ anthem,” she added. “I think that would be really cool and refreshing. We haven’t had something like that in a while.”