When Jamie Foxx speaks, his fans listen. In a much-anticipated update, the Hollywood juggernaut finally clued the public in on his monthslong recovery from a health scare he experienced in April. But that’s not all the actor had to say in his self-recorded video shared on Instagram on Friday (July 21).

While Jamie may have taken his time returning to social media with new posts, he was well aware of the wild narratives and conspiracies that had captivated his supporters. In the new video, speaking directly to his followers, he addressed how secrecy about his private health struggle made it easy for speculation to run rampant.

“Now you know by being quiet, sometimes things get out of hand. People saying what I got, some people said I was blind, but as you can see, the eyes are working just fine,” he said as he proved he could move each eye independently of the other. He then debunked a claim that he was possibly wheelchair-bound. “They said I was paralyzed; I’m not paralyzed,” he said as he proved that he had mobility in both his arms.

The well-respected talent was recently spotted around Chicago playing golf and getting in and out of a vehicle on his own, proving that his legs are working just fine. Jamie, 55, has been in the Midwest undergoing specialized rehabilitation at a facility for at least two months. Not to downplay his ailment and recovery, he added, “I went to hell and back, and my road to recovery had some potholes as well, but I’m coming back, and I’m able to work.”

In what may be the most lighthearted and comical moment of the minute-long video, the “Just Like Me” crooner spoke directly to claims that a doppelgänger of sorts had taken his place. “Some people [are] talking about I’m cloned. Well, check this out,” he said as he jokingly motioned as though he was going to rip a mask off his face. “Just kidding. Not cloned, man, but I’m here on Earth because of some great people. I’m here on Earth because of God, man.”

The well-played joke came the same day that his latest project, Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone, was released. In the film, John Boyega plays Tyrone, and Jamie is a high-top fade-wearing pimp. The Academy Award winner previously made light of the clone claims in a tweet promoting the film. “They didn’t clone me, but They Cloned Tyrone. See you July 21, only on Netflix,” he wrote on July 12.

As for specific details about his medical emergency, Jamie opted to keep those private. In closing, he simply wanted fans to know that he is back and grateful to be alive. View some of fans’ clone tweets below.