Award-winning talent Mo’Nique joins dozens of other celebrities in sharing their thoughts on the strike occurring in Hollywood. As REVOLT previously mentioned, The Screen Actors Guild — American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has joined writers on the picket line. The announcement comes as storytellers fight for an increased wage, among other things.

After being asked about the strike, the My Name is Mo’Nique performer has given her take on the ordeal. “Hey, my sweet babies,” she captioned her Instagram post. Folks keep asking me how I feel about the strike!” The Almost Christmas actress then pointed out several clips in her post where she spoke about her experiences in the entertainment industry. “As you can see from above, I’ve been verbally striking for years,” she added. “But some of my brothers and sisters, as the video shows, have been striking me down for years. But, yes, I support the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. That’s why Countess D. Vaughn and I filed a lawsuit to get our money from ‘The Parkers!’ [Vaughn], we are ‘The Parkers!’ I love us [for] real.”

In April, the 55-year-old comedian revealed she filed a suit against CBS and Paramount. In the documents, Mo’Nique alleged the companies owe her unpaid royalties from the classic sitcom. “While [‘The Parkers’] has proven to be a major financial success for its producers and distributors, the series’ talent [has] not been permitted to share in the fruits of that success,” the suit noted.

Mo’Nique made a follow-up statement on her IG page. “Actors rely on the good faith of Hollywood companies to honor their profit participation agreements,” she wrote. “To further make my point, the executive producers of ‘The Parkers’ took legal action for the same concerns that I have, and they’ve already settled. Unfortunately, all too often, talent gets kept in the dark.”