Jason Lee reunited with longtime friend and former reality star Nikki Mudarris and her boyfriend, LiAngelo Ball, for the latest episode of “The Jason Lee Show.”

Since her appearance on the popular “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, Mudarris has remained relatively out of the spotlight except to announce that she and her beau are expecting their first child together just a little after one year of dating. The former social media star stopped by to dish all about her new relationship, leaving the VH1 series, and so much more. Keep reading to find out what you missed on this week’s episode, which aired on Wednesday, June 28.

Fans were introduced to supporting cast member Nikki Mudarris in the first season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” She was later promoted to a main role for seasons three through five before becoming a supporting star for the sixth and final season. When asked if she missed being on the series, the soon-to-be-mom revealed she was at a peaceful moment in her life and noted, “I don’t miss the drama.”

She continued, “I don’t miss putting myself in situations I know in my real life I would never be in. I’ve kind of outgrown certain things in my life. If it’s not bringing me happiness or about my family or my money, I kind of really… it’s really not for me.”

The social media star revealed there were many elements about the show that no longer appealed to her, noting, “I was just kind of becoming redundant.” She gave examples such as “throwing drinks in people’s faces, that fighting, the cheating, the drama, all that stuff that they did,” which ultimately became synonymous with the franchise and the reality TV industry overall.

Mudarris said after a while, she was left asking, “What’s next?” and after her brother passed away, the star said she “just kind of mentally checked out of the show completely.” These days, Mudarris has turned her sights to real estate and preparing for the arrival of her son, LaVelo, alongside the Greensboro Swarm ball player.

The pair opened up about their first meeting during a hike. “I looked cute and my dogs – two Pomeranians — were trying to attack his two big dogs. So, I was like ‘Oh, s**t, here we go,’ and then we just started talking… exchanged numbers,” Mudarris said of that eventful day.

The real estate agent admitted she wasn’t initially sure anything would come of their first interaction, noting that she didn’t know who the athlete was and had just gotten her license, and was focused on her career. “I wasn’t trying to just play around and stuff,” she added. “And then we ended up dating, and then we kind of both were on the same page with everything.”

Ball admitted he never watched “LHHH” and was “not really into all that social media,” so he was not familiar with Mudarris prior to meeting her. “I’m not on that, like, for real. I really just hoop. I be at the crib,” he said, telling host Lee, “I’m like you, I like staying at the house, man. I be with my dogs. My brothers come, pull up. I just be with a little small group.”

There’s been plenty of changes in Mudarris’ life, including her name. The agent revealed when she left reality TV, she also dropped her online persona, Miss Nikki Baby, telling Lee, “I really don’t call myself that no more.” She added, “I’m just trying to rebrand. I feel like I’ve outgrown that persona, and then it’s like I’m a realtor now, and I feel like people take me very seriously in my real estate business.” It’s also the basis for why none of her former castmates were at her recent baby shower. “I kind of wanted to keep my baby shower more private [and] intimate, like more family and people I talk to. It wasn’t like a show,” she revealed. The conversation continued as the couple spilled more about their relationship, blending their families, the craziest DMs they’ve received since going public with their romance, and more.

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