Jamie Foxx has been missing in action for nearly three months, but according to one of his co-stars, the veteran actor is doing just fine. As previously reported by REVOLT, fans became worried when his eldest daughter, Corinne Foxx, announced he suffered from an undisclosed “medical complication” in early April that resulted in hospitalization, and the 55-year-old has managed to evade the public eye ever since. However, in May, he did make a social media post stating he was okay.

On June 14, the cast of his latest endeavor, They Cloned Tyrone, walked the red carpet premiere in Miami. One star noticeably absent from the Netflix event? Jamie. “I wanted him to show up here, but you know, I know he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with, and we just wish him all the best. I’ve been calling. I’m just gonna keep on calling. He better pick up. Come on, Jamie!” John Boyega told a journalist during the gathering. Some supporters fed into conspiracy theories on why even his co-stars had not seen or heard from the Academy Award winner.

Yesterday evening (June 27), Boyega put the rumors to rest. As the 31-year-old attended the upcoming film’s Hollywood premiere, he told People he and the Ray talent were able to catch up recently. “He finally picked up the phone. Thank you, bro. He’s doing well. And then, you know, we just giving him the privacy, and we can’t wait for his return. I gave him the well wishes directly. I gave him all the well wishes. So I’m just gonna be waiting until he comes back out here. So take your time, Jamie. We love you, bro,” the Woman King actor said of his castmate who was once again absent.

Datari Turner, who worked as a co-producer with Jamie on the project, backed Boyega’s claims. “He’s doing amazing. I promise you. Doing really, really good. [Director] Juel [Taylor] talked to him yesterday. John Boyega talked to him yesterday. He’s in really, really good shape and spirits. And he’ll be back on the screen. He’ll be back to work very soon,” Turner shared.

They Cloned Tyrone arrives on Netflix on July 21.