With the unfortunate news of the five passengers who died aboard a submarine during an expedition to see the Titanic comes a peaked interest in the historic sunken ship — and Netflix is seemingly taking notice.

As previously reported by REVOLT, last Sunday (June 18), Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, British billionaire Hamish Harding, French dive expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush went on an underwater trip to see the Titanic but unfortunately lost contact from their carrier vessel less than two hours later. The massive manhunt to find the five was a trending topic on every social media app and headlined every news channel. By Thursday (June 22), officials announced the group was dead.

Now, Netflix is adding Titanic back to its catalog of flicks — but reps for the major streaming service have not said if the decision was already in the works prior to the missing sub. The 1997 film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio tells a dramatized version of events on the ill-fated luxury liner that famously sank in April 1912, resulting in over 1,500 deaths. The decision has Twitter users asking, “Bad timing? Or perfect timing?” “The timing is so wrong,” one person tweeted. Another responded, “Unfortunately, I think the timing is what they’re going for.”

Others made light of the tragedy. “This feels like a safer way to see the Titanic than other attempts this week,” a tweet read. Another person responded with laughing emojis, adding, “I am on the floor! (Not the ocean floor, thankfully).” However, some didn’t find the comments amusing. “Why are you people making fun of this? Lives were lost. Show some compassion,” a user replied to someone who photoshopped an OceanGate submarine into the movie’s flyer. According to HuffPost, Titanic returns to Netflix on July 1.

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