This year’s BET Awards made sure to pay tribute to hip hop’s 50th anniversary, which has been sparking celebrations across the globe for much of 2023. Live from Los Angeles, attendees and viewers were able to check out appearances from the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Warren G, E-40, MC Lyte, Lil Uzi Vert, and more, all of whom were spread out across the show in segments. The finale reminded all witnesses of specific moments in the culture’s diverse history, from Kid ‘N Play’s iconic choreography to Soulja Boy’s viral “Crank That” dance.

One of the bigger moments came courtesy of relative newcomer GloRilla, who delivered a lively rendition of her latest single, “Lick Or Sum,” from a stage that resembled a giant pair of lips. “I call that n**ga ‘bruh,’ his mammy ain’t my mammy, and stop callin’ me sis, I’m tryna f**k yo’ baby daddy, get h**d from his cousin too, I keep it in the family, he fold me like a pretzel, I’m his Auntie Annie,” she rapped.

Prior to the big event, BET EVP of Specials, Music Programming, and Music Strategy Connie Orlando opened up about what viewers could expect via press release. “We have an incredible lineup of performers who will take us on a musical journey, covering hip hop spanning every decade, style, and region,” she said. “From music to dance and fashion, we are digging through every crate as we celebrate 50 years of hip hop and its diversity, evolution, and global impact.”

Orlando continued, “This wall-to-wall party will reverberate with the amazing energy and passion these artists bring to the stage and the culture. Prepare for an unforgettable night of reunions and surprises as we celebrate hip hop‘s rich history, enduring legacy, and promising future.”

Watch the clips from tonight’s celebration below.