Back in February, Fredo took to Instagram to announce the official sequel to his 2018 mixtape, Tables Turn. Last Thursday (June 8), he gave fans a taste of what to expect with “Everybody Knows,” a Young Chencs and Roddy Beatz-produced effort that gives off turn-of-the-century hip hop vibes with its nostalgic production. As with previous drops, the West London emcee can be heard rapping about his street-oriented past and hard-earned wealth on the infectious cut.

“I’m a dope boy, trap boy, everybody knows, I open my shop up, then everybody goes, from the cars to the clothes, the jewels to the flows, don’t fool the bros, the tool’s gonna blow, and no, I don’t wonder, she’ll love me if I’m broke, ’cause goin’ broke, is somethin’ that I won’t, no, I get money when I’m high, I get money when I’m low, I get money with my honey, I get money wit’ the bros, you try discipline me? That’s when I discipline you…”

In the Suave-directed video for “Everybody Knows,” Fredo shows us his entrepreneurial chops as part owner of the sneaker retailer Kick Game, a business that’s expanded into different cities throughout the United Kingdom since its creation in 2013. Throughout, the independent rapper takes viewers through his product warehouse, holds business meetings with his colleagues, and shows off his fleet of cars in his downtime.

Back in 2021, Fredo liberated his third studio LP, Independence Day, his first since parting ways with RCA Records. That project consisted of 14 songs and additional features from Potter Payper, Clavish, Headie One, and Sus. Since then, he’s kept his momentum going via well-received tracks like “I’m Back” and “Dave Flow.” He’s also provided his special brand of bars on Dave’s “In The Fire” and Clavish’s “Monday To Sunday.” Press play on Fredo’s “Everybody Knows” video below.