Les Twins are two of the most dynamic dancers in the world. This confidence is directly attached to the high level of preparation that Larry and Laurent Bourgeois have put into their craft. The Sarcelles, France-bred identical twins continue to leave their mark in choreography, producing, modeling, designing, and the creative direction space.

Dancing has always been a source of joy for the highly skilled duo. Growing up with nine siblings created a unique way of life. Les Twins learned to dance from other breakers without formal training while teaching themselves classic ballet techniques.

The choreographers are excited to bring the same joy they get from dancing to the rest of the world. After years of philanthropic efforts, the duo has connected with Kids Write Network (KWN), an award-winning youth program using art, music, and dance to help children and young adults improve coping skills, build self-confidence, and overcome mental health obstacles. When asked about the partnership, KWN’s Helen Georgaklis asserted, “We have been working with children for over a decade. We have used art and music. I was absolutely floored when I saw Les Twins at a workshop in Montreal. It blew my mind because I saw that what they were doing was similar to what we do. They take people out of a negative situation and allow them to believe that they have the freedom to be and do whatever they want to do. There is no one else in the world that could do this like Les Twins.”

The main inspiration for two of the world’s most famous dancers comes from their mom. Les Twins exclaimed, “People would see videos of our mom singing and dancing while she was cleaning the bank at work and be so excited by it. They all said how well she danced and how much joy it brought, and [we] thought about that just being a normal day for mom at the house. We always wanted to bring that joy when we dance to someone else.”

Their innovative partnership with KWN allows them to help children use dance to overcome challenges in their own lives. Thanks to their love of the art form and work ethic, the sensational duo has famously connected with stars like Michael Jackson, Drake, Kanye West and, most notably, Beyoncé.

Amid their run on the highly anticipated “Renaissance World Tour,” Les Twins spoke with REVOLT about their upbringing, new partnership with KWN, and impressive careers. Dive into the exciting exclusive below.

You two are the youngest of nine children. How did you find a way to stand out at home and within the world?

Laurent Bourgeois: That’s a question, bro! I have to tell the truth. I wanted to say thank you because you all always ask great questions and make people feel comfortable. You know, it is like you have to be perfect for everyone. I am everyone’s arms, everyone’s head, and everyone’s legs.

Larry Bourgeois: Man! I know you like to skip the questions! I will answer. It was tough. I used to watch TV and say, “Wow, now that’s a family.” I am writing a book with my brother now about our upbringing. We do not choose our families. When you have a huge family, heart matters. When your heart feels safe, you are OK.

The good people in my family who work for the law and have a beautiful family rarely talk to my mom. They only reach out to her or me when they need help. It’s crazy because the people who have had issues with the law are the sweetest to my mom and never ask for anything. I love my family but you know, growing up, you had to choose who you want to be. I know I need to care for my mother, twin, and mom. The rest, they are grown, and I cannot help everyone. Big families are beautiful, and you learn a lot.

Talk about your partnership with KWN. How is it helping to reduce stigma around mental health for the youth?

Laurent: Nothing we do right now does not help our community. Every step I take in my life is to add to the future I want. I want to share and give. I never wanted to do anything to make myself look good. I look good because the fans have put me in this place. I treat it like Muhammad Ali. When I was 14, I told everyone I was the best in the world. I was not trying to be rude. I was saying that because if I did not, who would? I feel like everyone is the greatest. My favorite people are the ones who believe that they can make it. I am tired of hearing people talk about their goals being impossible.

We have been performing with some of the greatest dancers in the world. Helping the youth with mental health has finally made me feel like I am helping the right people. This program has helped me feel like I am finally impacting the people who need it the most.

Larry: The people who have been looking for Les Twins have never seen the real Les Twins. I know we are going to help the community. People do not understand how hard it was growing up and keeping control of our mental health.

I used to not believe people when they told me that I had saved them with my dancing. I used to think dancing saved nobody. Now, I realize that I helped myself with dance. We taught people how to be the greatest with dance. If I can keep myself with dance, then I can save others. Me and Laurent used to sleep in a shelter in New York. We had one backpack to share, and we used to ask people to stay at their homes. We made it with dance, and there is absolutely nothing that I would change about our life. This program allows me to use my gift for the people that really need it. The people who need it only know once they see it.

Aside from it being your job, do you all still dance for your mental health?

Laurent: I am always dancing. We have been around galas, charities, and other events worldwide as a group. I see so many charities bring athletes for mental health and share their life and motivational speeches. They come with empty bodies and make people play games, but it does nothing. Our workshops help people feel something and start to grow toward who they want to be. There is a message behind it, and we use it to show people that you can do anything you want. You know, working with family is tough, too. We show people that groups don’t always have to break up. I hope and pray my brother and I stay together forever.

I do not feel that with any other artists but someone like Johnny Depp. I remember when he went to the children’s hospital as Jack Sparrow and put on a performance for the whole hospital. It was amazing.

Larry: Yes! That time helped me feel like we were not the only ones. We had been doing this forever but stopped because hearing the unfortunate stories was tough. It was tough to think that people requested to dance with us as their last wish. I don’t know that those kids knew how tough it was to attach yourself to a child who soon passed away. I thought like that until the pandemic and realized I never put myself in their shoes.

Looking back at your Criminalz Crew days, did you ever think you all would make it this far with dance?

Laurent: It is still here! They are the best crew in the world. Most of the people on the team were not dancing before us. People believed in us to help mold them however we needed to. Outside of me and my brother, I have never seen anyone dance like this. We were winning competitions across the world, so much so that people were saying it was cheating.

We know how to put our life inside of our movements. I show people how I feel through my dances. Dance feels like therapy but [through] movement. It is beautiful because people sometimes even start crying while they dance.

You are now on the “Renaissance World Tour” with Beyoncé. What have you learned from working with her over the last decade that helps you stay balanced in the era of social media?

Larry: We could literally be onstage with Beyoncé for a year and only post on our Instagram Stories about mermaids. We know how to protect ourselves. For Les Twins, it feels great, and we only work with family. Trust me — and seeing that our family is still on the stage is great.