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  /  05.26.2023

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I didn’t just want to talk about it. Instead, I want to highlight organizations that are providing actual resources for those struggling with related issues. We all know mental health is a popular topic on the internet streets especially on Psychology TikTok. But, in the grand scheme of things, it’s still taboo to discuss publicly.

Whether it’s acknowledging that mental health issues exist and it can/has affected almost everyone on this earth or understanding importance of getting tested for a condition — and not to mention seeking help once you are given a diagnosis — all of these sectors need to be acknowledged to be fully addressed. The lack of attention it gets in tech isn’t anything new. But thankfully, in the Web3 space, they are organizations trying to combat this. Check out some of them below!

1. The Mental Health Collective

One organization is The Mental Health Collective. It’s a non-profit that provides free and accessible mental health support. This initiative is the first of its kind to give peer-to-peer support via Twitter spaces. It was founded by Lewis Finn and Vic Pinto. They have had over 300 spaces within the past year and have been able to curate a community that allows for a safe space within Web3. This organization is free to join. All you have to do is sign up on their website and you will get access to their live discord. If you are looking to support this cause, you can do so by donating crypto, USD, or one of your NFTs to the collective.

2. Peace Inside Live

Mental health support in Web3 isn’t limited to just real-life experiences. Peace Inside Live is trying to bring mindfulness to the Metaverse. The mission of this organization is to create a safe space to curate inner joy and peace within your life, provide support and inclusivity no matter your background, and foster a community of people with common values. Peace Inside Live was founded by Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim. It offers tools to help maintain a positive mindset as you are going through the trials of life such as meditation, exclusive access to in-person events and more. If you are interested in getting a membership make sure to head to

3. Healing Hippies NFT

From the Metaverse to NFT projects, the mental health resources continue to grow — especially with the Healing Hippies NFT project.  This initiative is a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs with the power to heal. Each has over 500 traits for holders to feel unique in their way. Partnered with Heal App, it cultivates a space for collective healing. Once you obtain this NFT, you can connect to the app and will be given incentives to do certain challenges that will result in reward points. Holders of this NFT project will get access to live coaches and specialists to enhance their minds, body, and soul. Each hippie will be given an aura that will unlock exclusive portions in the app and access to the Hippieverse. If you are looking to become a hippie make sure to head to

4. Held Mind

It’s not just about providing resources, but educating those within Web3 about the proper training to address mental health issues, and that’s exactly what Held Mind is doing. They’re an organization founded by  Marianne Grinney, a licensed psychotherapist who has over a decade of experience in the mental health field. Grinney and her collective provide B2B and B2C support and education with licensed professionals. Their training consists of a basic understanding of Web3, case formulations, expert live interviews, and diving into people’s stresses and strengths. Held Mind has also partnered with over 40 different brands to support their community health efforts. They even provide public educational information through Twitter spaces and Discord. If you want to learn more about this training head to

5. Cool Cookies

Another NFT project that is making waves in Web3 space is Cool Cookies. This project is composed of 8,888 randomly generated NFTs with 150 unique traits. Its mission is to spread awareness about mental health. Holders get access to an exclusive discord that includes raffles, voting DAO, game nights, and mental health resources. A recent donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention of $10,000 was recently performed. The move was in memory of the founder Stefano’s brother who took his life. If you are interested in being a holder you can find this project on Opensea.

6. LogOut Centre for Digital Wellbeing

Addictions to technology is a real thing and an issue LogOut Centre for Digital Wellbeing is working to help solve. Their mission is to create a balanced use of the space. They provide resources to teach people how to responsibly trade cryptocurrency, get access to online classes and more. They even include a family media plan that curates boundaries for love ones to move safely online. If you are interested in supporting this organization, you can head to

These are just a few of the organizations that are providing tools for those in the Web3 space. We need to further push the needle when it comes to breaking the taboo barriers of discussing mental health issues proudly. I hope this article helps you do just that.



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