Rick Ross’ annual car show is officially moving forward at his Georgia estate with the support of the local government. After a standoff with the Fayette County Planning and Zoning Department over the legality of the event, officials granted Ross a permit today (May 26) to hold the event on June 3.

The “Hustlin’” MC planned on having his car and bike show at his Promise Land property in Fayetteville, Georgia with or without the law behind him. He did so last year, the first iteration of the event, and upset some of his neighbors in the process. The director of planning and zoning denied his permit application last week after neighbors complained about the problems it would bring. But according to WSB-TV, Fayette County officials sent a letter today approving his request with certain conditions.

The event is not allowed to operate longer than 14 days. Ross is also required to have the approval of the county fire marshal for any tents, provide off-street parking for attendees, and shut off any outdoor lighting for activities by 10 p.m. The rapper already has a traffic and safety plan in place, and is working with the proper authorities.

With the paperwork squared away, the MMG head is ready to celebrate. “Rick Ross and his team are excited to get the administrative hurdle behind us and look forward to a great event on June 3, 2023,” his attorney Leron Rogers told TMZ.

Per WSB-TV, Ross has spent lots of money trying to make the show as successful and safe as possible for everyone involved. He’s chartering 63 luxury buses to shuttle attendees from nearby parking lots to the event. It’s the best way to alleviate traffic along the highway, which came to a standstill during the proceedings last year.

Check out a preview for this year’s event — complete with performances from Ross and Gucci Mane — below.