Bruno Mars and Beyoncé have performed together at the Super Bowl and dominated the world with their wildly popular music. The two artists’ fame stretches across the globe and people everywhere know songs by both of them. But for Nick Cannon, one star has more hits than the other.

The former “America’s Got Talent” MC spoke about his perception of the two singers’ tunes in yesterday’s (May 22) episode of his Amp show, “The Daily Cannon.” Joined by co-hosts Mason Moussette, Courtney Bee Bledsoe, and Abby De La Rosa (with whom he also shares three children), the TV host expressed his view on the Bruno and Bey debate.

“No offense, I would rather go to a Bruno Mars show than a Beyoncé or Taylor Swift show,” he stated plainly. His co-hosts were shocked at his answer and pushed back on his claim, to which the “Wild ‘N Out” host asked, “Who got more hits?” He wouldn’t back down even as his co-hosts continued to berate him for his opinion. “Beyoncé got more hits than Bruno Mars?” he asked pointedly.

Bledsoe began naming Bey’s hit songs, but Cannon still wasn’t convinced that she had the same catalog of smashes that Mars does. “I am a Beyoncé fan,” he noted. “I still believe Bruno Mars actually has more hit records.”

The father of 12 also remarked on Mars’ performance abilities. “Have you ever seen Bruno perform live?” he asked. “[It’s] fire, because he got his whole crew on stage with him and they be doing their little dances. It feels very Morris Day and The Time-ish.”

Commenters seemed to agree with Cannon’s co-hosts. “Nick might be high. Get him some milk and let’s try this here again! I love Bruno, no doubt, but we need proof of this,” one person wrote on “The Cannon Show”‘s Instagram post. “[Bruno is] great but doesn’t even have 10 hit records,” another said, adding, “He can’t stand next to her.” Bledsoe chimed in, saying, “Don’t play with my sis Bey like that… Bruno who?”

Check out the clip below.