Maintaining control of your masters is something that many artists strive for, especially as their status in the industry grows and record labels hold the rights to their music. Not Ice Spice, though. The “Princess Diana” rapper and her team revealed in a new interview with Billboard that she has complete say in everything about her career.

It all started after a then-independent Ice began gaining traction and visibility in late 2022 after the release of her breakout hits “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and “Bikini Bottom.” Capitol Records and 10K Projects were interested in signing the Bronx-bred MC, but her manager, James Rosemond Jr., wanted to ensure that they did it right. “We wasn’t freestyling it,” he stated. “Deals came to her — production deals, 360 deals — but they were deals that I knew could be better, and in order to get a better deal, you have to go out and do it yourself.”

Securing a recording contract would, among other things, allow Ice to clear samples and help push songs to radio. But signing deals often means artists have to hand over some creative control to the powers that be, as well as the rights to masters and publishing, a major money-maker for artists everywhere.

Rosemond, with the help of his entertainment lawyer friend Leon Morabia, were able to sit down with Capitol and 10K prepared to get Ice the best deal possible. In the end, they were able to secure her masters and publishing and ensure she’s allowed to do whatever she wants with her creative output.

“No one on the label side touches the music. There is no traditional A&R with her. No one’s picking beats, no one’s saying, ‘Do this, do that,’” Zach Friedman, co-president of 10K, said. “It’s all her. We’re on her schedule.”

The companies knew they had a diamond on their hands. “The first time I met her, I knew she was special,” Michelle Jubelirer, CEO of Capitol Music Group, confessed. “I knew she was a global superstar in the making.”

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