Today’s (May 11) episode of “Big Facts” welcomed an Atlanta hip hop icon, Big Gipp, alongside James Worthy. Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade shared a moving conversation with the Goodie Mob member about topics such as artificial intelligence penetrating the music industry, educating our youth on financial strength and business, as well as his current and future endeavors. Gipp arrived at the Trap Music Museum with some products from his Gipp Goodies line. First, he displayed a CBD-infused lotion most effective for people with painful nerve damage who endure hard labor, such as mechanics and construction workers. Secondly, he showcased a nonalcoholic mocktail infused with Delta-8. “This is a way where you can still taste the alcohol but gives you the effects of smoking weed. So, I call it ‘Smokin Drankin,’” explained the Atlanta native.

Growing up on the south side of Atlanta, he met a pop singer by the name of Jean Carn. She enriched his knowledge of music and placed him in rooms with legends such as Stevie Wonder and New Edition — in fact, Carn’s home was the very first place he met them. “I didn’t come into the music business under the moniker of rap,” explained the musical pioneer. Gipp came in contact with a lot of artists who were under the umbrellas of soul and R&B at a tender age.

The conversation pivoted when Gipp began to point out the difference between music from his era and today. “Music, to me, has always been something that you are supposed to change the world when you speak. You supposed to have something to say when you do it,” he expressed. As the industry increases its use of artificial intelligence (AI), Gipp deemed the tech to be the end of an artist’s career. The “Big Facts” crew wanted to bring clarity to the viewers who don’t understand what AI is, and Worthy was happy to put things into perspective. “Let’s say they got Kanye West vocals… They can use a portion of his vocals, use his voice reflections, and put it into their system. So, whatever you supposed to do on that record, can be done with that voice reflection,” the Goodie Mob producer elaborated. Music labels can potentially benefit from this innovative technology. Not using real people could reduce their responsibilities, as labels may no longer have to fund tours, support new artist imagery, or invest as much money into artist development.

Moreover, Big Gipp played a major role in ensuring that Atlanta was respected and taken seriously when it came to music. Having worked alongside Outkast and being one-fourth of Goodie Mob, they were scratching the surface of a new style of hip hop. After the 1995 Source Awards, there was a goal set to change the perception of the South. ”It really made us come back home and say, ‘Every time we open our mouths, we trying to change people’s perception.’ People looked at the South at that time like all we do is strip club music.”

When speaking of who has made the most impact coming out of Atlanta, Gipp mentioned a few fan-favorites: Outkast, Jeezy, T.I., Future, and Lil Baby. “That Jeezy had a hell of a run,” Gipp admitted. However, he expressed the importance of OGs, like himself, properly educating the youth on the business of the music industry, teaching them about everything beyond the street life. “It makes no sense to make all this money and everybody wind up still broke. I remember when Icebox was in the middle of the mall. Now where they at?” he asked rhetorically. Icebox is a popular jewelry line with a storefront located in the heart of Atlanta. “So, let’s just make sure that when we give another community all our money, are we keeping some for ourselves? It’s cool to buy you some jewelry, but buy you some land too!” the rap pioneer exclaimed. The conversation progressed as he explained that he isn’t upset at the music labels for handling business the way they do. “I’m upset that we keep letting them people run the game on us,” Gipp noted. He stressed the point that if artists had the proper knowledge and protection, they’d be able to manage their business in a way that wouldn’t allow the big companies to have so much control of their money and creations.

In conclusion, Big Gipp shared that he’s had a trailblazing journey with hip hop, but looks forward to enhancing his entrepreneurship and doing more in the lane of film and television. In addition to his Gipp Goodies line, he has a new TV show called “On Ten” coming out with Vivica Fox, Clifton Powell, and many more stars.

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