On today’s (May 4) multisegment episode of “Big Facts,” Big Bank, DJ Scream and Baby Jade kicked off an entertaining conversation with comedian and host Bubba Dub of Alto, Texas. The discussion concluded with an intense debate with music executive and CEO Boomman of Authentic Empire Music Group. Bubba Dub is best known for hosting the podcast “Trashh Talk” and a viral video on snitching. Boomman is credited for discovering and managing artists like Roscoe Dash, Foogiano, Money Mu, DoughBoy D, and many more.

Born and raised a Texan, Bubba Dub explained that there wasn’t much to do in his hometown other than attend local house parties and trail rides. However, he expressed how powerful the internet is and the moves that can be made with a little Wi-Fi. The rising comedian has plans to move to Georgia and when the crew asked him why, he said, “I love Atlanta. It’s Black. It’s love out here. I know s**t ain’t always sweet either, but they embrace me a lot. My show is out here, so I’m always around.” Regarding the future of “Trashh Talk,” he shared his plans for longevity. “I really want my show to become the next ‘Arsenio Hall Show,’ something different for the culture. A night show, somewhere people can chill, get some jokes and good entertainment. I feel like that’s what we are missing — Black folks not entertaining no more,” the father of two expressed.

Bubba Dub’s most viral moment is a video where he speaks about snitching. He revealed to the “Big Facts” family that he made that video because of someone telling on him in real life. A clip of the viral moment can be heard on Pop Smoke’s “Snitching” record from his Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon album. Although he was paid for the skit, he did not receive credit on the project. “Y’all broke bread, but I want my credit. I had to fight and get lawyers to get my recognition, but I ain’t get my full recognition yet. When y’all see Future, Quavo and Pop Smoke name on there, y’all should see Jerry Morgan’s name right on that s**t too,” Bubba Dub insisted.

The famed comedian gave credit to Richard Pryor and Kountry Wayne as his inspirations in the world of comedy and showed much love to colleagues like Mike Epps, Funny Marco, Karlous Miller, and Desi Banks.

As mentioned before, the “Big Facts” team also chopped it up with Boomman, an independent music executive responsible for many major hits. With 10 years in the game, he acknowledged DJ Scream as someone who helped him get in the industry by hosting one of his first mixtapes. The foundation of the conversation with the Authentic Empire CEO was the overall relationship between artists and executives. DJ Scream asked where Boomman thinks the friction and misunderstandings happen. “When you get close to an artist, the lines get jaded. And then what happens is when they get close to you, envy and jealousy seep in because maybe they don’t know the business like they are supposed to. A lot of artists don’t know the business,” the decorated producer clarified.

So often, fans hear from the creators about their perspectives on the music industry. Very rarely does the world hear the producers’ experiences and expectations. Boomman explained that his job is to put people into positions, provide the funds, and make connections with more popular rappers. However, it should be up to the artists to maintain momentum and continue the grind, he insisted. As an example, the businessman spoke highly of Foogiano and his work ethic. “He knows how to make a move without the ball. I don’t have to hold his hand,” he stated. As an independent executive who invests his own money and capital into the artists he discovers, it can be frustrating when the effort and respect are not reciprocated. The Atlanta native admitted that he stops pushing his artists’ music when they become uncoachable. To this, Baby Jade expressed her opinion that artists may become uncoachable due to personal differences with the producer. Big Bank disagreed and said, “Ni**as listen to everything you say when they ain’t got nothing. Soon as they start feeling theyself, ‘Bruh, I know how to do this’… That’s how that s**t go.” Boomman exclaimed, “Big Facts!”

Moreover, the Authentic Empire CEO said he finds it damaging to continue pushing the independent culture onto rising musicians. He disagrees with introducing an independent music career when many budding rappers find it challenging to handle business and seek development in their artistry without management. “I wouldn’t keep telling them to be independent. They don’t have the funds, they don’t have the knowledge, and they don’t have the resources. That s**t just sound good. It aint what it is. To run a business is real!” he explained. The famed producer is an advocate for education within the music industry. He has a book on the way titled “Independent King,” which will be a guide to how he made millions in music.

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