Jack Harlow has made his return with his third full-length studio LP. Today (April 28), the Kentucky native shares Jackman., a polished 10-track offering with no features. The body of work had little promotion and was announced just two days prior to its arrival. On the opening track, “Common Ground,” the 25-year-old rapper spits some bars about the reality of life in the suburbs:

“The suburbs are filled with ebonics and trap sonics, frat boys sayin’, ‘No cap, put racks on it’/ The dialect got a lil’ splash of some Black on it, cap and gowns bought by the money in dad’s pockets/ White girls squattin’ tryna get that a** poppin’, caught back-talkin’ to their mom and dads often/ Recitin’ rap lyrics about murder and cash profit, get to feel like a thug but don’t have to act on it/ Local homicide rates got ’em astonished, readin’ ’bout it on a laptop and pajamas”

In related news, Harlow made headlines back in March thanks to the exciting announcement of his official film debut. The Kentucky-raised star landed the lead role in 20th Century’s forthcoming reboot of White Men Can’t Jump, a well-loved classic about a privileged guy who ironically turns out to be the secret weapon in a basketball tournament. His rival-turned-friend is played by Sinqua Walls. The film is set to premiere on Hulu on May 19.

The “What’s Poppin” artist officially unveiled his highly anticipated sophomore album Come Home The Kids Miss You in May 2022. The project was equipped with 15 tracks and features from music giants like Pharrell Williams, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Justin Timberlake. Leading up to its release were successful singles like “Nail Tech” and “First Class.”

Be sure to press play on Jack Harlow’s brand new Jackman. album down below.