Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, has spoken out after the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office hired a former officer involved in her shooting death.

Earlier today (April 25), Palmer appeared on “CNN This Morning” to discuss the hiring with the show’s anchors. Palmer shared her disappointment in Louisville law enforcement when asked how she felt. “I’m just disappointed in them. I can’t understand why you would want this type of person to work in your department. You know, I’m scared for the people of Carroll County,” she told the anchors.

Palmer then became emotional as the show played a clip of Scott Miller, the lawyer of the newly hired deputy Myles Cosgrove, speaking about his long road to becoming an officer again. After the video ended, Taylor’s mother said, “To say he’s had a hard road is insane to me.”

“Breonna is not even here,” Palmer added. She continued to wipe her tears as Lonita Baker, her family’s attorney, stepped in to give her thoughts. “His comments definitely [tried] to eliminate Myles’ own responsibility,” Baker shared.

She later noted, “[Cosgrove] was fired for violating police protocol. And for him not to lose his certification and to be able to police in another city is absolutely asinine.” As previously reported, a sheriff’s office hired Cosgrove on Thursday (April 20), three years after authorities killed Taylor while asleep in her apartment.

After receiving backlash, Chief Deputy Nick Miller defended his office’s decision to hire the former Louisville police officer. Miller told the Courier-Journal, “We felt like [Cosgrove] was a good candidate to help us in our county.”

In 2020, Cosgrove was one of several policemen to conduct a botched raid on Taylor’s home. Once inside, authorities exchanged gunfire with the 26-year-old’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker III, who believed officers were intruders. Cosgrove reportedly fired 16 rounds, with one striking Taylor in the chest. However, although Cosgrove was later fired, he was not charged with her death.