Currently, IDK is prepping fans for the upcoming release of F65, which will boast appearances from the likes of Fat Trel, Benny The Butcher, Snoop Dogg, NLE Choppa, Rich The Kid, and more. On Thursday (April 20), the DMV star unveiled a new visual from said album for “Mr. Police.” As the title suggests, the song — which IDK produced alongside Jim Lang — addresses the issue of police brutality in the United States.

“Mr. Police, how are you? Just like your clothes, you make me blue, I look both ways, I cross the street, there was no one around, how did you see me? I’ll take the ticket, Mr. Police, Mr. Police, how do you do? You say I sped right past you, I obeyed the signs, I thought I was fine, hope I don’t go to jail, said I read your mind, but this time, it’s just a fine, and I’m like, what the f**k he mean? Got a n**ga f**ked up, ain’t no way that I believe I’ll be s**t out of luck…”

Directed by Anthony Sylvester, the clip consists of police camera footage showing different times that IDK and his crew were pulled over by law enforcement. The traffic stops become increasingly aggressive, with one encounter escalating to physical violence. Just before it comes to a close, a message appears that provides further insight into the overall concept.

“This video contained dramatized, fictionalized events performed by professional actors and actresses in order to depict police brutality and mistreatment in America,” the message reads. “We want to create awareness in order to prompt dialogue and potentially change the narrative around law enforcement misconduct. Not all police officers are bad. This is to shed light on the ones that are.”

Press play on IDK‘s “Mr. Police” video below. F65 is expected to make landfall May 5.