Earlier this month, Spottie WiFi blessed the masses with a new single titled “Buy The Dips,” a cleverly titled song that features Jim Jones. Keeping with his crypto punk-rap aesthetic, the Illinois talent also gifted early buyers of “Buy The Dips” with exclusive NFTs, the perfect promotional tool given the track’s related subject matter.

“I’m young and fly, JPEG rich, I’m feeling fantastic, I buy low, sell high, money doing gymnastics, no summers off, somersaults, gotta stick a landing, got gorilla, half an E, who could’ve planned it, I diamond hand a dozen apes ’til I seen 100 X, now they know I’m VIP, started out in upper decks, yea, I came a long way, writing, bouncing rubber checks, now I’m shopping for real estate, give these haters rubbernecks…”

On Wednesday (April 19), Spottie liberated a visual for “Buy The Dips” that comes courtesy of StreetHeat’s Will C and Tana. Viewers can see him and his Harlem collaborator performing in a virtual landscape, complete with special effects that land the duo in a variety of locations throughout.

Via press release, Spottie further explained the creation of his latest drop.

“I originally wrote this song about the hustle of trading crypto and NFTs, and it’s very biographical,” he began. “That’s really how I went from being broke and unemployed during COVID to surviving and now thriving in these turbulent times… I met Jim Jones at an event where we spoke on a panel together, and he ended up hopping on the song, and giving it his perspective, and comparing hustling in the streets to hustling as a crypto flipper. Jim is one of my favorite artists.”

Press play on Spottie and Jones‘ “Buy The Dips” video below. The track is taken from the forthcoming album The King’s Alpha, which makes landfall April 28.