After sharing a supportive Instagram post about Angel Reese and her NCAA championship win with LSU, Tony Yayo is now providing a full reaction to the dance seen around the world. Over the weekend, he spoke to TMZ Sports about the controversy surrounding Reese’s use of his “You Can’t See Me” dance, and it’s clear that he is one of the athlete’s biggest fans.

“I think it’s kind of crazy, because [when] Angel Reese do it, it’s a problem, and when Caitlin Clark did it, it wasn’t a problem,” he said. “So, of course, it look crazy out there. You had sportscasters who was callin’ a young Black female all kinds of crazy stuff online, and these guys are professional guys.”

He continued, “When you look at Angel Reese, she’s a woman that’s popularizing women’s basketball. You got Lil Wayne calling her phone. You got Boosie excited over LSU. This championship was big… Angel Reese took the ‘You Can’t See Me’ dance to a whole ‘nother level. Definitely gotta shout her out.”

Yayo also further explained the meaning behind the viral dance move while showing appreciation for wrestling star-turned-actor John Cena, who is arguably the biggest reason why it became so popular.

“That dance was created [while] I was on the run in [50 Cent’s] ‘In Da Club‘ video, so I was just trying to hide my face,” he confessed. “You know, I always shout John Cena out because he always mentions that his little brother was doing it, and he did it, and he got it from me… I’m cool with it, it’s just a dance. I don’t take nothing personal. It was a dance created because I was trying to hide from the police. That’s the actuality of it.”

You can check out Yayo‘s full interview with TMZ Sports below.