Sometimes what you put out there into the world will come true, and that’s what happened for a fan of Lizzo.

In February, a Twitter user asked Disney to keep hiring the Houston native, “so she can be in ‘Star Wars’ next” after appearing on “The Simpsons.” Disney seemingly heard the user because Lizzo shared today (April 5) that she made a guest cameo in “The Mandalorian.”

The space western series premiered in 2019 and has been known to feature wild celebrity appearances over the years. In season three, episode six, the 34-year-old songwriter stars alongside actor Jack Black as rulers of Plazir-15. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lizzo and Black played “the Duchess and Captain Bombardier.”

The rulers of Plazir-15 are “a wealthy married couple who oversee the independent planet. Bombardier explains that he’s a former Imperial officer who participated in the New Republic’s amnesty program after the war. After journeying to Plazir-15, he fell in love with the elegant Duchess, and together, they rule the planet as part monarchy, part democracy,” the outlet added.

After the clip of Lizzo and Black’s cameo surfaced on social media, Lizzo hopped on Twitter to share her excitement. “I’m in ‘Star Wars,’ y’all!” she tweeted.

But outside of guest appearances, Lizzo has a show of her own that she is working on. Last month, the singer and flutist shared on social media that her series “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” was returning for a season two. However, Lizzo is looking for talented “big girl” dancers and singers this time.

“Audition right now for ‘Watch Out for the Big Grrrls’ season two. All my big girls. Dancers and singers. Audition now. Hurry!” she said in an Instagram video. The announcement came after the success of the series’ first season. At the 2022 Emmy Awards, the show took home the award for Best Competition Series.