A pediatric surgeon, who goes by Britney Grayson, claimed that she spoke at Chapel and visited kids at The Covenant School, a Christian elementary for preschool through sixth grade in Nashville, Tennessee, 20 minutes before three students and three adults were fatally shot earlier today (March 27).

“Just [four] hours ago we arrived [at] the Covenant School in Nashville. Our dear friends invited us to speak at Chapel and stay and visit their girls’ classrooms, pictured below. The kids were great. We taught them about life in Kenya and what it means to be a missionary,” Grayson wrote in a Twitter post. “We drove away at 10:12 a.m. and less than 20 minutes later, at least [three] children were shot right there on the campus. There are no words for this feeling. I think the normal feeling is supposed to be relief that we were already gone and our lives are safe.”

She continued, “But to do what I do makes me literally one of the most qualified people on the planet to help in that situation. Why had we driven away just minutes before? Could I have helped those children if we were still there? I feel guilty for being safe.”

“But furthermore, WHY ARE OUR CHILDREN BEING MASSACRED IN THEIR SCHOOLS?! I have no idea when this country will have had enough and I’m utterly, completely, totally shocked that, as a nation, we aren’t there yet,” Grayson added in follow-up tweets. “I have personally operated on a school shooting victim. I have told too many parents and family members that their loved ones are dead as a result of gun violence. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

According to Metropolitan Nashville Police, the suspect, who was killed by police, was identified as 28-year-old Audrey Hale. She was transgender and a former student of the school where the shooting occurred.

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