This is for the girls that love to see women empowering other women.

Last night (March 26), City Girls member JT gave a shoutout to Ciara after she listened to the R&B singer’s latest track, “Da Girls,” which was released last week. The song is a fun, upbeat anthem that uplifts and motivates women, especially those who are independent. Something that JT says women need.

“I can’t lie; I love Ciara’s song ‘Da Girls.’ We need that type of music. Pretty, positive, motivational music for women,” JT admitted on Twitter. Ciara hopped on the platform to respond to the lyricist as she shared her intentions for the R&B single. “Thank you, mama!” Ciara started. “My mission is to speak life into all the queens around the world.”

The love and admiration shown between music vet Ciara and JT is a bright sight compared to when “Da Girls” first dropped. The Atlanta native found herself defending her recent single after several listeners took issue with the song because Ciara is married.

On March 24, Ciara went on social media to respond to the backlash. She posted a picture of herself in blue with a caption above that read, “Me watching y’all miss the point.” Along with the image, the 37-year-old artist tweeted, “A woman’s independence is not dependent on their relationship. Keep rocking your crown, queens.”

That same day, Ciara also shared that “Da Girls” was No. 3 on the R&B iTunes chart, and its accompanying music video ranked as the No. 1 R&B video.

The “And I” songstress continued to show her new anthem some love the next day as she posted a TikTok video of herself and four other women dancing to “Da Girls” with a quick message. “The girls that get it, get it,” Ciara tweeted.