Bryson Tiller fans are outraged and have taken to Twitter in an uproar to share their thoughts about his “Back and I’m Better Tour” presale tickets selling out in certain areas on Ticketmaster. On March 20, Tiller announced that he was ending his five-year hiatus from touring and would begin again on May 4 in California.“It’s simple. We back!” the 30-year-old artist captioned his Instagram post. “Taking a trip to the past and giving y’all a glimpse of the future. Five whole years without touring. Time really does fly… See y’all soon.”

While fans were elated by the news, especially after learning that presale tickets would be available starting today (March 22), most became unhappy when the day arrived.

Tickets in certain states were gone quickly. Some immediately took to Twitter to voice their frustrations, given how long they’ve waited for Tiller to hit the road again musically.

“Ain’t no way 2000 mfs in front of me for these Bryson Tiller tickets,” one Twitter user wrote. Another asked the singer why he booked dates at smaller venues, knowing his fans “were starving.” Someone else tweeted, “If you can’t sing five songs from [his] last album, get out [of] the mf queue!”

The “Back and I’m Better Tour” flyer took inspirations from the 1985 sci-fi classic Back to the Future. The tour’s title itself consist of lyrics from Tiller’s 2015 single “Don’t.” In it, the songwriter sang, “Aye, I’m back, and I’m better. I want you bad as ever.” The highly anticipated 25-city tour will kick off in San Diego and travel across America with stops in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and more before ending in Seattle on June 12. DJ Nitrane will join Tiller on the road.

Check out more reactions from Tiller’s fans on Twitter about Ticketmaster selling out his presale tour tickets below: