Coco Jones has a story that is guaranteed to make people scream, laugh and cry over the blunder she made ahead of the Grammys this year.

The singer joined “The Breakfast Club” on Friday (March 17), when she recalled the time she mistook E-40 for Busta Rhymes. As some fans may recall, Jones made a guest appearance on “Wild ‘N Out” last summer, where she went toe to toe against Chico Bean as she showcased her ability to flawlessly rap Rhymes’ verse on his 2011 collaboration with Chris Brown, “Look At Me Now.”

While speaking with the radio co-hosts, she was again put to the test when DJ Envy put her on the spot to recite the tongue-twisting bars. While she obliged him for a second, she ultimately stopped mid-verse to share an embarrassing story. “When I was at the Roc Nation brunch, right, I saw Busta Rhymes,” she started. Immediately, the hosts groaned, knowing that a disaster surely took place at the exclusive event.

“So I go up to him, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, like, you had just seen my cover, my freestyle of your thingamabob on ‘Wild ‘N Out,'” said the rising vocalist. She then proceeded to rap the “Touch It” emcee’s entire verse. Jones recalled the response she received as lackluster despite her giving “Busta” her best delivery of his rhymes.

The “ICU” songstress added, “He was like, ‘That’s good, shawty, that’s good.’ I was like, ‘Okay, you take care now.’” She obviously hoped for a bigger reaction, so as she walked away, she began to look up the lyrics. “I’m thinking something was off because that wasn’t right,” she continued. It was then that she realized that she made a huge error.

The mistaken identity was confirmed when she asked her manager who she had just spoken to. “My manager goes, ‘That’s E-40,’” said the “Bel-Air” star. “I was so mortified. Y’all, I felt real bad. Then he hit someone up and said, ‘I think Coco Jones thinks I’m Busta Rhymes.’” Jones also noted that the mistake was later cleared up, hence why she shared the comical blunder.

Catch her hilarious recollection of meeting “Busta Rhymes” below.