Back in October of 2022, Alex Vaughn unveiled the eight-song EP The Hurtbook, which contained production from Rodney Jenkins, Sevn Thomas, DJ Money, Joshua Pyle, and more. Last Friday (March 10), the DMV songstress announced that she’ll be unveiling a Homegirl Pack version of the aforementioned project, complete with additional assistance from R&B heavyweights Summer Walker, Muni Long, and Ari Lennox, the last of whom recruited her as a supporting act for her most recent tour.

Today (March 15), the Lennox-assisted track, a remix of The Hurtbook standout “Demon Time,” officially makes landfall. Produced by DJ Camper, the track quickly becomes the perfect environment for Lennox‘s sultry harmonies.

“Appetite, got an appetite for this jaguar, climb that tree tonight, talkin’ to some dudes but I’m f**kin’ you, satisfied, oven toast you right for that creamy pie, let it stay inside, yeah, ay, don’t fight what you feelin’, babe, no need for you to hesitate, ooh, true crime when my legs are shakin’…”

In a recent interview with New Wave Magazine, Vaughn opened up about the creation of The Hurtbook.

The Hurtbook was very personal for me, all of those songs were based off true stories and experiences,” she revealed. “Initially, the EP was based on one specific person, but as time went on during the pandemic, I got to explore a variety of emotions and situations.”

She continued, “I’m inspired by so much, from constantly searching for more knowledge, to the love my fans and close ones show. I could literally see a bird and be inspired by it, the possibilities are truly endless… Even if it’s just having a conversation with another songwriter, I can’t go a day without creating something that will further inspire me.”

Press play on Alex Vaughn and Ari Lennox‘s remix of “Demon Time” below.